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Bring known Biblical counselors into your home via book, audio files, and DVD.

Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal is a book-length bibliography of authoritative works explaining the solutions found in the Word of God for the problems of everyday life. The collection includes books, MP3 files, DVD, booklets, pamphlets, sermons, tracts, journal articles, newsletters, theses, and links to other resources.

Annotated citations are listed topically in eleven chapters grouped in five sections representing the individuals relationship to God, family, church, neighbors, and the state.

Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal is a valuable reference work for persons involved with helping others: all Christian workers, pastors, Christian counselors, educators, homeschoolers, church librarians, Sunday school teachers, youth workers, and peer counselors. Librarians, physicians, medical professionals, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, financial consultants, nursing home workers, and managers will also find it to be a helpful resource of lasting value.

Librarians who give reference assistance or who make classification, cataloging, and indexing decisions will find Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal to be a time saving reference work. It gives some bibliographic control over an area of subject classification not recognized by most classification systems. And some of the publications listed have not been reviewed in standard library journals. A must for all Christian libraries.

Any Christian home that includes this work among other companion books to the Bible is bound to be blessed.

Features include:

Combined Interactive Contents for The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

Note to reader:

All pages found at this website may be copied freely for ministry and educational uses. Please insert the source line below in each file you share. See also "Key and Acronymns."

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   Source: Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal. A Topical
           Annotated Bibliography of Works Containing Biblical
           Counsel for Persons Seeking Lasting Solutions to
           Life's Problems (Harrisonburg, VA: Lettermen
           Associates, c1994). ISBN 0-9636821-1-3

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