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The topbar of every page of THE WEB EDITION includes "Site Map." Choose it to reach the "Combined Contents for THE WEB EDITION OF BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL," a listing of all the chapter table of contents and stand-alone pages found at THE WEB EDITION.

Note: After selecting a link found in either a chapter contents section or the "Site Map" ("Combined Contents"), then the browser BACKSPACE key or (ALT+BACK ARROW) may be used to return the cursor to the last position of either section.

The Windows "Find" command (CTL+F) can be used to find any word, phrase, or verse on a webpage. If you are not using Windows, then check the help features of both your browser and your operating system.

"Local Search" in THE WEB EDITION (Google Advanced Search)
The Advanced Search feature of may be used to search one specific domain (website). THE WEB EDITION OF BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL is located in the domain ""
For example, select "Local Search" from the topbar of any webpage in THE WEB EDITION. Then to search for "John 3:16" (or "Rutherford, Samuel" or "Child Abuse") in "" enter the search terms on the search screen in "this exact word or phrase:" and "site or domain:".
Of course, a link to Google Advanced Search may also be added to the Internet Explorer toolbar.

A "Local Search" using general search terms may yield to many hits because the best citations appear in many topical listings. In that case begin by browsing the "Combined Interactive Contents for THE WEB EDITION OF BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL."

The following routine steps in research can be taken to increase the usefulness of this database. Begin by listing all Scripture relevant to the subject. Then refer to A GUIDE TO THE WESTMINSTER STANDARDS: CONFESSION OF FAITH AND LARGER CATECHISM, THE REFORMATION STUDY BIBLE, THE NEW NAVE'S TOPICAL BIBLE, THE THOMPSON CHAIN-REFERENCE BIBLE, KING JAMES VERSION, 5TH EDITION (1988 and later), and THE THOMPSON EXHAUSTIVE TOPICAL BIBLE: KING JAMES VERSION. Other works listed under "Topical Listings of Scripture Useful in Counseling" may also be helpful. Then refer to THE NEW TREASURY OF SCRIPTURE KNOWLEDGE and NELSON'S CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE TO THE BIBLE to learn what the Bible says about each verse listed by reading cross references for that verse. This step will also expand the listing of Scripture. Repeat the above steps again and again until the search is exhaustive.

Searching for videos and DVDs resources

Searches for videos and DVDs resources should start at the special topical listing DVD, Multimedia. Some YouTube videos may not be listed in DVD, Multimedia, so do a Local Search using the keyword "YouTube" or other video domains.

Searching Online for PDF files allows the user to narrow a search to PDF files only by adding the phrase "inurl:pdf." For example, if "Christian classic inurl:pdf" is searched, then will provided links to only PDF files of Christian classics.

Online Computer Library Center (OCLC/WorldCat)

OCLC/WorldCat is the combined automated card catalogs of many of the world's major libraries, making it the world's largest database of printed literature. It is recommended as the best single resources for bibliographic information. It can also be very useful in finding foreign language translations, and for many other purposes.

It is one of the best resources for finding a book. Notice that OCLC/WorldCat can be customized by entering the user's zip code. This enables a listing of locally available library copies.

"The OCLC Control Number is anticipated to reach one billion after July 1, 2013. At that point, OCLC will increase the length of the OCLC number to accommodate a variable length number string. If you use and/or store OCLC MARC bibliographic records and the OCLC Control Number, you will notice a change after July 1, 2013. You will need to check the systems at your institution that use OCLC MARC bibliographic records and the OCLC number. You may need to implement changes to ensure those systems will be able to successfully handle the longer OCLC number effective July 1, 2013.
"When this change takes place . . . the 'on' prefix will be used to identify OCLC Numbers that contain ten or more digits. Nine or eight digit OCLC Numbers will continue to use the 'ocn' or 'ocm' prefix as described above. The update to the OCLC Number is backwards compatible so that previously defined OCLC Numbers will not be impacted. Previously assigned OCLC Numbers will continue to work as before."

Broken links may be useful

Along with the WWW comes the problem of broken links, links that no longer connect to the source URL. However, a broken link itself often contains enough information in the form of a partial URL, the title to a book or an article, or key words for the subject, to enable the reader to use a search engine to find a new link to the original source webpage, or to find a new or equivalent online resources. So, taking a moment to search further, will often lead to finding the needed information. "Books" as a resource Books offers and easy way to find a new or used copy of a book. It also is an additional resource for researchers.

The Books database provides, among other things, the following information:

Key to the Style used for fonts and hypertext in THE WEB EDITION

"Chapter 1: The Foundation of Biblical Counsel" is the style sample for the entire database/website. Some style conventions in use are unique to this website, and it would be burdensome to list them all here. They are logical and intuitive, so the most practical approach is to simply begin using the website. With time the user will recognize the style used.

The style of scripture references varies greatly. For example Galatians 2:20 may appear as Gal. 2:20; Gal. 2. 20; Gal. ii. 20; Gal. ii.20, and so forth, and so on, including different combinations of abbreviations, punctuations, spacing, and Roman and Arabic numbering. In THE WEB EDITION scripture references are followed by a standard notation in brackets, for example, [Galatians 2:20]. Notice, this enables users to execute a "Local Search" (Google Advance Search), for a standardized scripture reference, and to find all references to that scripture in THE WEB EDITION.

Also notice that Logos' web tool, Reftagger, is used throughout THE WEB EDITION. Reftagger highlights bible verses and converts them into links. Move the cursor onto the verse, and a preview of the entire verse will pop up, with additional options for further study.
Logos Reftagger

Acronyms, 1993 print edition

     "*" --   Indicates a citation or weblink of special interest
     ATLA --  American Theological Library Association,
                Evanston, IL
     CBD --   Christian Book Distributors, Peabody, Massachusetts
     CCEL --  Christian Classics Ethereal Library
     CRM --   Coral Ridge Ministries, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
     CVBBS -- Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service, Carlisle,
     EEB-1 -- Early English Books, 1475-1640, Pollard and
                Redgrave, microforms
     EEB-2 -- Early English Books, 1641-1700, Wing, microforms
     EEBO  -- Early English Books Online
     FSP --   Footstool Publications, Memphis, TN
     FGB --   Free Grace Broadcaster,,
     GCB --   Great Christian Books, Elkton, Maryland
                No longer in operation.
     GMC --   Gospel Mission Catalog, Choteau, MT
     ISBN --  International Standard Book Number
     LAC --   Library of American Civilization
     MGTP --  A Guide to the Puritans, Robert P. Martin
     OCLC --  OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.,
                ( Dublin, OH
     OCoLC -- The accession number used by WorldCat/OCLC to 
                identify online digital text
     PHD --   The Puritan Hard Drive, Edmonton, Alberta,
     PRF --   Plymouth Rock Foundation, Marlborough, NH
     SWRB --  Still Waters Revival Books, Edmonton, Alberta,
     (sic) -- See in copy (suggesting an error in the original)
              (the 5th edition of 1988 was the last edition of
              the TCRB. Any copy printed in 1988 or later is the
              5th edition).
     TTF  --  The Trinity Foundation, Unicoi, TN
     UMI --   University Microfilms International
     Wing --  Wing STC (Short Title Catalog), microforms
     Wing-2   Wing STC (2nd edition), microforms

Listing of some alternate spellings of author names and other confusing situations

Adams, Jay E. (1929-2020), not to be confused with the author, James E. Adams
Beza, Theodore (Theodora de Beza), (Theordore de Beze)
Bolton (Boulton)
Burges, Cornelius (Burgess)
Calvin, John (Jean)
counsellor (AKJV), (US counselor)
counselling (AKJV), (US counseling)
counselled (AKJV), (US counseled)
Cunningham, John, and his brother William
Diodatti (Diodati)
Dort (Dordt)
Elliot, Elisabeth (most often misspelled author)
Ferguson (Fergusson)
Fyodor Dostoevski (1821-1881), (Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevski) Dostoevsky Dostoyevsky
Gilby, Anthony (Gylbie)
homeschooling (home schooling)
John Owen (theologian) John Owen (translator)
Jonathan Edwards (1629-1712)
Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)
M'Crie, Thomas (the elder, 1772-1835)
M'Crie, Thomas (the younger, 1797-1875)
M'Leod, John Niel and John Niel McLeod
M'Millan (d. 1808), (MacMillan)
M'Ward (McWard), Robert,
MacNeil, John (MacNiely)
Morrison, James (Morison)
Peden (Pedan), Alexander
Psalms and Psalm are often incorrectly interchanged
Renwick, James (1662-1688)
Renwick, James (1780-1853)
Swinnock (Swinocke)
Teelinck, Willhem (William Teelinck)
Willson (Wilson), James M.
Willson (Wilson), James McLeod (1809-1866)
Willson, James Renwick (1780-1853)
Wylie, (Whiley)
and so forth, and so on

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This feature may be used to search one specific domain/website. For example, to search for "John 3:16" in "," (THE WEB EDITION OF BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL), enter the search terms on the search screen in "this exact word or phrase:" and "site or domain:".
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