Index of Authors and Titles for
Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal, 1997 CD-ROM Version

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Note: The five digit numbers are citation ascension numbers used only in the 1993 print edition.

Abdul-Haqq, A.A., Sharing Your Faith With a Muslim D1130A
Abrahams, I., Studies in Pharisaism and the Gospels 70445
Abstracts of Research in Pastoral Care and Counseling 20486
Acton, J.E., Essays on Freedom and Power 90111
Acton, J.E., History of Freedom and Other Essays 90023 90112
Acton, J.E., Lectures on the French Revolution 90022 90113
Acton, J.E., Set Free 90129
Acton, J.E., The Correspondence of Lord Acton and Richard Simpson 90024
Acton Collection 90011A
Adair, J., Founding Fathers: Puritans in England and America 31093
Adams, D., The Child Influencers: Restoring the Lost Art of Parenting 70180
Adams, J.E., A Call to Discernment 30005
Adams, J.E., A Consumer's Guide to Preaching 30006
Adams, J.E., A Personal Word to Women 30003
Adams, J.E., A Theology of Christian Counseling: More Than Redemption 30007
Adams, J.E., A Training Course to Equip Christians for Counseling 30004
Adams, J.E., A-Thirst-For-Wholeness 30008
Adams, J.E., Accepting Retarded Children; Handling Troubles; and etc. 30009 30010
Adams, J.E., Back to the Blackboard 30011
Adams, J.E., Christ and Your Problems 20371 30012
Adams, J.E., Christian Counselors Word Book: A Primer in Nouthetic Counseling 30013
Adams, J.E., Christian Forgiveness: Responsibility or Blameshifting? 30014
Adams, J.E., Christian Living in the Home 30000
Adams, J.E., Christian Living in the Home (Study Guide) 30001
Adams, J.E., Communicating With 20th Century Man 30016
Adams, J.E., Competent to Counsel: Introduction to Nouthetic Counseling 30017
Adams, J.E., Conflict and Rivalry in the Church 30018
Adams, J.E., Coping With Counseling Crisis 30019
Adams, J.E., Counseling and the Five Points of Calvinism 30020
Adams, J.E., Counseling Workshop: An Alcoholic Partner; Long-Term Counseling; Suicide; Forgiveness; Larry Crabb's Approach 30021
Adams, J.E., Counseling Workshop: Approaches to Discipleship; Women in Biblical Counseling 30022
Adams, J.E., Counseling Workshop: Demon Possession; Divorce; Church Discipline 30023
Adams, J.E., Counseling Workshop: Introduction; Counseling Principles; Counseling Non-Christians 30024
Adams, J.E., Counseling Workshop: Multiple Persons; Unbeliever Doesn't Leave; Discipling Children; Obesity and Fatness 30025
Adams, J.E., Crisis Counseling: Aid 30026
Adams, J.E., Crisis Counseling: Analysis 30027
Adams, J.E., Crisis Counseling: Direction 30028
Adams, J.E., Crisis Counseling: Inventory 30029
Adams, J.E., Effective Communication 30030
Adams, J.E., Essays on Biblical Preaching 30031
Adams, J.E., Essays on Counseling 30032
Adams, J.E., Fear of Death; Church Discipline; Being in the Hospital 30033
Adams, J.E., Four Weeks With God and Your Neighbor 30034
Adams, J.E., From Forgiven to Forgiving: Discover the Path to Biblical Forgiveness 30035
Adams, J.E., God's Standard and Program for Change; God's Methodology for Change 30036
Adams, J.E., Godliness Through Discipline 30037
Adams, J.E., Grist From Adam's Mill 30038
Adams, J.E., Handbook of Church Discipline 30039
Adams, J.E., Handling Anger God's Way; Dealing With Depression 30040
Adams, J.E., Helps for Counselors: A Mini-Manual for Christian Counseling 30041
Adams, J.E., How to Handle Trouble 30042
Adams, J.E., How To Help People Change: The Four-Step Biblical Process 30043
Adams, J.E., How to Overcome Evil 30044
Adams, J.E., I Tell You the Mystery 30045 90505
Adams, J.E., Insight and Creativity in Christian Counseling: An Antidote to Rigid and Mechanical Approaches 30046
Adams, J.E., Lectures on Counseling 30047 30048
Adams, J.E., Managing the Time God Gives Us; Schizophrenia; Role-Play Cases and Critiques (part 1) 30049
Adams, J.E., Marriage and Family Life (part 1): Purpose of Companionship; Cleaving (part 1) 30049A
Adams, J.E., Marriage and Family Life (part 2): Headship; Husband's Helper; Submission (part 2) 30050
Adams, J.E., Marriage and Family Life (part 3): Discipline; Motivation; Good for Evil (part 3) 30051
Adams, J.E., Marriage and Family Life: Purpose of Companionship; Cleaving (part 1) 30052
Adams, J.E., Marriage; Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible 30002
Adams, J.E., Meaning and Mode of Baptism 30053
Adams, J.E., Preaching to the Heart: A Heart-to-Heart Discussion With Preachers of the Word 30055
Adams, J.E., Preaching With Purpose: The Urgent Task of Homiletics 30056
Adams, J.E., Proper Submission to the Proper Authorities 30057
Adams, J.E., Q&A: Counseling Woman Whose Husband Abuses Her and Children 30058
Adams, J.E., Q&A: What Certain Gifts Are Required for Counseling? What if a Person Ignores His Problem? 30059
Adams, J.E., Question-Asking Techniques; The Need for Homework in Counseling 30060
Adams, J.E., Q&A; How Do You Counsel Deep Depression? 30061
Adams, J.E., Q&A; What Is Marriage? Marriage and Family Problems 30062
Adams, J.E., Ready to Restore: The Layman's Guide to Christian Counseling 30063
Adams, J.E., Role-Play and Critique (part 1), Wife Abandoned; Potential Suicide 30064
Adams, J.E., Role-Play and Critique (part 2), Wife Won't Speak; Homosexuality; Wife With Cancer 30065
Adams, J.E., Role-Play and Critique (part 3) 30066
Adams, J.E., Role-Play and Critique (part 4) 30067
Adams, J.E., Role-Play Cases and Critiques (part 2) 30068
Adams, J.E., Sermon Analysis: A Preacher's Personal Improvement Textbook and Workbook 30069
Adams, J.E., Sex Change; Division in Eldership; Children; Suicide; Paranoia; Repression; Forgetting; Death 30070
Adams, J.E., Shepherding God's Flock: A Handbook on Pastoral Ministry, Counseling and Leadership 30071
Adams, J.E., Should a Christian Be Able to Counsel? Instilling Hope in the Counselee 30072
Adams, J.E., Sibling Rivalry in the Household of God 30073
Adams, J.E., Solving Marriage Problems: Biblical Solutions for Christian Counselors 30074
Adams, J.E., Sovereignty of God in Counseling 30075
Adams, J.E., The Bible in Counseling 30076
Adams, J.E., The Biblical View of Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Image 30077
Adams, J.E., The Christian Counselor's Casebook 30078
Adams, J.E., The Christian Counselor's Manual: The Practice of Nouthetic Counseling 30079
Adams, J.E., The Christian Counselor's Word Book: A Primer in Nouthetic Counseling 20547 30013
Adams, J.E., The Grand Demonstration: A Biblical Study of the So-Called Problem of Evil 30080
Adams, J.E., The Jay Adams Library 30081
Adams, J.E., The Language of Counseling 30082
Adams, J.E., The Power of Error 30083
Adams, J.E., The Role of Father in the Home 30084
Adams, J.E., The Role of Husband in the Home 30085
Adams, J.E., The Time Is at Hand 30086
Adams, J.E., The Use of Talk in Counseling 30087
Adams, J.E., The Use of the Scriptures in Counseling 30088
Adams, J.E., Trust and Obey: A Practical Commentary on I Peter [1 Peter] 30089
Adams, J.E., Truth Applied: Application in Preaching 30090
Adams, J.E., Update on Christian Counseling, includes Matters of Concern to Christian Counselors 30091
Adams, J.E., War Within 30094
Adams, J.E., What About Nouthetic Counseling? 30095
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When Anger Gets the Upper Hand? 30097
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When Fear Overcomes You? 30099
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When Series 30096
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When You Become Depressed? 30098
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When You Know You Are Hooked? 30100
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When You Worry All The Time? 30102
Adams, J.E., What Do You Do When Your Marriage Goes Sour? 30101
Adams, J.E., What To Do About Worry 20926 30103
Adams, J.E., What To Do on Thursday 30104
Adams, J.E., Winning Your Unsaved Husband 30105
Adams, J.E., You Can Conquer Depression 30106
Adams, J.E., You Can Kick the Drug Habit 30107
Adams, J.E., You Can Overcome Fear 30108
Adams, J.E., You Can Stop Worrying 30109
Adams, J.E., You Can Sweeten a Sour Marriage 30110
Adams, L., How Come It's Taking Me So Long to Get Better? 60051 80044
Adams, T., Commentary on II Peter [2 Peter] 30853
Aden, L., and D.G. Benner, Counseling and the Human Predicament: A Study of Sin, Guilt and Forgiveness 20902
Adeney, B.T., Just War, Political Realism and Faith 20769
Adeney, W.F., Ezra and Nehemiah 30583
Adler, M., Great Books of Western Civilization 50043A
Adolph, H.P., with D. Bourne, Stop Making Yourself Sick 80045
Aeschliman, G.D., John Perkins: Land Where My Father Died 90239
Ahmanson, J., Secret History: An Eyewitness Account of the Rise of Mormonism D1063
Aish, Carolyn Ann, The Frencolian Chronicles: Book 1 -- Treasures, Book 2 -- Castles, Book 3 -- Kingdoms 110013
Albrecht, M., Spiritual Counterfeits 30115
Alcorn, R., and Nanci Alcorn, Women Under Stress 40162 80033
Alcorn, R., Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution 70079
Alcorn, R., Money, Possessions and Eternity 60307A
Alderson, R., No Holiness, No Heaven! Antinomianism Today D1050
Aldrich, C.K., and C. Nighswonger, A Pastoral Counseling Casebook 20933
Aldrich, J.C., Gentle Persuasion: Creative Ways to Introduce Your Friends to Christ 20113
Aldrich, J.C., Living Through the Loss of Someone You Love 80080
Aldrich, J.C., Love for All Your Worth: A Quest for Personal Value and Lovability 20053
Alexander, A., Evidences of the Authenticity, Inspiration, and Canonical Authority of the Holy Scriptures 10140
Alexander, A., Feathers on the Moor 60150
Alexander, A., Practical Truths 20423
Alexander, A., The Stuff of Life 60052
Alexander, A., The Works of Archibald Alexander, 1772-1851 30910
Alexander, A., Thoughts on Religious Experience 70365
Alexander, D., Christian Spirituality: Five Views of Sanctification 60223
Alexander, J.A., Commentary of the Acts of the Apostles 30724
Alexander, J.A., Commentary on Mark 30697
Alexander, J.A., Commentary on the Prophecies of Isaiah 30638
Alexander, J.A., The Psalms, Translated and Explained 30598
Alexander, J.W., Confessing Christ as Lord: The Urbana 81 Compendium 10262 20114
Alexander, J.W., Consolation: Addresses to the Suffering People of God 20652
Alexander, J.W., God Is Love: Communion Addresses 10188 20063
Alexander, J.W., Thoughts on Family Worship 10602
Alexander, W., The Witness of Psalms to Christ and Christianity 20220
Allen, R.E., Prayers That Changed History 10745
Allen, C.L., God's Psychiatry 20423A
Allen, D., Barefoot in the Church 10829
AMS Press Reprints 31093A

Ambrose, I., Looking Unto Jesus 10289 31115
American Portrait Films, "Hard Truth: The Pro-Life Tool of the Decade" 20606
American Portrait Films, For Life: A Catalog of Pro-Life Video Titles 20610
American Theological Library Association, Index to Book Reviews in Religion and Religious Index One G1014
American Vision, The Biblical Worldview 90240
Ames, W., Conscience With the Power and Cases Thereof 30932
Ames, W., Of Conscience and the Cases Thereof 20757
Ames, W., The Marrow of Theology 10900 31116
Amos, G., Defending the Declaration 90171
Andersen, F.I., Job 30594
Anderson, D., Ecclesiastes: The Mid-Life Crisis 20419
Anderson, D., God Wants a Relationship Not a Performance 60151
Anderson, J.N.D., Issues of Life and Death 20725
Anderson, J.N.D., Morality, Law and Grace 20726 90130
Anderson, J.O., Family Government 70234
Anderson, J.B., Between Two Worlds: A Congressman's Choice 90419
Anderson, L., A Church for the 21st Century: Bringing Change to Your Church to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Society 70422
Anderson, P., Satan's Snare: The Influence of the Occult 20843
Anderson, R.S., Christians Who Counsel: The Vocation of Wholistic Therapy C1013
Anderson, R., Redemption Truths 10052
Anderson, S.E., Every Pastor a Counselor 20524
Anderson, W.J., How to Explain Sex to Children 70163
Anderson, W.J., How to Understand Sex: Guidelines for Students 70166
Andrews, Gini, Sons of Freedom: God and the Single Man 70001
Andrews, Gini, Your Half of the Apple: God and the Single Girl 40038 70002
Andrews, S.J., Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict 20937
Ankerberg, J., and J. Weldon, Cult Watch: What You Need to Know About Spiritual Deception D1004
Ankerberg, J., and J. Weldon, The Facts on False Teaching in the Church D1005
Ankerberg, J., and J. Weldon, The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge: A Christian Perspective D1057
Ankerberg, J., and J. Weldon, When Does Life Begin? And Thirty Nine Other Tough Questions About Abortion 20611
Ankerberg, J., Facts on Catholicism D1043
Ankerberg, J., Facts on the Faith Movement D1007
Ankerberg, J., Facts on the Occult D1112
Ankerberg, J., One World: Biblical Prophecy and the New World Order 90241
Ankerberg, J., The Case for Jesus the Messiah 10330 20221
Ankerberg, J., The Facts on False Teaching in the Church D1030
Ankerberg, J., The Facts on Hinduism in America: The Mystical Religion Behind the New Age Movement D1093
Ankerberg, J., and J. Weldon, The Myth of Safe Sex: The Tragic Consequences of Violating God's Plan 70079A
Anson, Elva, and Kathie Liden, The Complete Book of Home Management 40121
Ante-Nicene Fathers 90006
Apel, Pat, Nine Great American Myths: Ways we Confuse the American Dream With the Christian Faith 60152
Appere, G., The Mystery of Christ 10331
Archer, G.L., A Survey of Old Testament Introduction 60000
Archer, G.L., Ethical Obligations of the Lawyer 20734
Archer, G.L., The Rapture: Pre-, Mid-, or Post-Tribulation? 90506
Archer, G.L., In the Shadow of the Cross: Insights Into the Meaning of Calvary, Drawn From the Hebrew Text of Isaiah 53 30645
Archer, G.L., Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties 20197
Armerding, H., The Heart of Godly Leadership 70541
Armstrong, Virginia, and M. Farris, The Christian World View of Law 90242
Arndt, Elise, A Mother's Touch 40093
Arnold, C., Powers of Darkness: Principalities and Powers in Paul's Letters 20953
Arnold, J., The Big Book on Small Groups 10849
Arnot, W., Studies in Proverbs: Laws From Heaven for Life on Earth 20422 30617
Asbury, F., Journal and Letters of Francis Asbury 100000
Asquith, G.H., Jr., Family Passages 20011 70235
Aston, F.A., Challenge of the Ages: The Challenge of God Presented Through the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 60053
Athanasius, The Incarnation of the Word of God 10221
Atkinson, D.J., Homosexuals in Christian Fellowship 20823
Atkinson, D.J., The Message of Genesis 1-11 30872
Atkinson, D.J., The Message of Job: Suffering and Grace 30873
ATLA Press Staff, ATLA Index: 1953-1990 G1000
August, E.R., Men's Studies: A Selected and Annotated Interdisciplinary Bibliography 60255
Augustine, Saint, Exposition on Psalms 30615 90007
Augustine, Saint, The City of God 20222
Augustine, Saint, The Confessions of St. Augustine 10042 20153
Auster, L., The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism 90652

Babbage, S.B., The Vacuum of Unbelief 90243
Babbit, E.H., The Pastor's Pocket Manual for Hospital and Sickroom 20529
Babbitt, K., Habits of the Heart: Self-Discipline for the Not-So-Disciplined 40047
Bacon, E.W., Spurgeon: Heir of the Puritans 31117 100017
Baehr, T., Hollywood's Reel of Fortune: A Winning Strategy to Redeem the Entertainment Industry 90420
Baehr, T., The Christian Family Guide to Movies and Videos: Volumes I and II 110059A
Bagby, D.G., The Church: The Power to Help or to Hurt 70366
Bahnsen, G.L., By This Standard: The Authority of God's Law Today 90509
Bahnsen, G.L., Theonomy in Christian Ethics 90510
Bahnsen, G.L., and K. Gentry, House Divided: The Break-Up of Dispensational Theology 90508
Bahnsen, G.L., Homosexuality: Biblical View 20821
Bahnsen, G.L., No Other Standard: Theonomy and Its Critics 90507
Bahnsen, G.L., Theonomy: An Informed Critique 90511
Bailey, A.E., The Gospel in Hymns 10634 10652
Bailey, R., Ministering to the Grieving 20489
Bainton, R.H., Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace 20770 90244
Bainton, R.H., Christianity 60009
Bainton, R.H., Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther 100001
Bainton, R.H., Martin Luther Christmas Book With Celebrated Woodcuts by His Contemporaries 70272
Bainton, R.H., The Church of our Fathers 20867 100018
Bainton, R.H., The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century 90025
Bainton, R.H., The Travail of Religious Liberty 90078
Bainton, R.H., Women of the Reformation in Germany and Italy 40288 90011
Bainton, R.H., Yesterday, Today and What Next? Reflections on History and Hope 60346
Baird, J.H., They Who Are Called Christians 60153
Baker, D., Acceptance: Loosing the Webs of Personal Insecurity 20294 60054
Baker, D., Beyond Choice: The Abortion Story No One Is Telling 20612
Baker, D., Beyond Forgiveness: The Healing Touch of Church Discipline 70399
Baker, D., Beyond Rejection: The Church, Homosexuality and Hope 20824
Baker, R., Meditations and Disquisitions Upon the First Psalm, the Penitential Psalms and Seven Consolatory Psalms 10697 31118
Baker, S., et al., Good Things Come in Small Groups 10844
Baker, Sylvia, Evolution: Bone of Contention 90632
Baker, Y.G., Successfully Single 40039
Bakker, F., Praying Always 10730
Baldwin, C.L., Friendship Counseling: Biblical Foundations for Helping Others 40163
Baldwin, J.G., The Message of Genesis 12-50: From Abraham to Joseph 30875
Balke, W., Calvin and the Anabaptist Radicals D1082
Balswick, J.O., The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home 90245
Bandow, D., Beyond Good Intentions: A Biblical View of Politics 90246
Banks, R.J., Paul's Idea of Community: The Early House Churches in Their Historical Setting 10830
Banks, R.J., Reconciliation and Hope: New Testament Essays on Atonement and Eschatology 10404
Banner of Truth, Holy Spirit Package 10457
Banner of Truth, Index to the Banner of Truth Magazine, 1955-1985 G1002
Barbeau, C.C., Delivering the Male: Out of the Tough-Guy Trap Into a Better Marriage 60297
Barber, C.J., The Minister's Library 50031
Barber, C.J., The Minister's Library, Supplement 1986-1987 50035
Barber, C.J., The Minister's Library, Volume 1 50033
Barber, C.J., The Minister's Library, Volume 2 50034
Barber, C.J., The Minister's Library, Volumes 1-4 50035A
Barber, J.K., Justification: The Heart of the Gospel 10024
Barger, E., From Rock To Rock: The Music of the Darkness Exposed 70153 10635 70153
Barker, F., Jr., Evangelism Through Small Groups (part 2) 30118
Barker, F., Jr., Conducting Spiritual Warfare 30116
Barker, F., Jr., Evangelism Through Small Groups (part 1) 30117
Barker, K.R., Religious Education, Catechesis and Freedom 90079
Barker, W.S., and W.R. Godfrey, Theonomy: A Reformed Critique 90512
Barna, G., How to Find Your Church 20176
Barna, G., Marketing the Church: What They Never Taught You About Church Growth 70367
Barna, G., The Barna Report 1992-1993: America Renews Its Search for God 70368
Barna, G., The Frog in the Kettle 70446 90653
Barna, G., The Power of Vision: How You Can Capture and Apply God's Vision for Your Ministry 70423
Barna, G., User Friendly Churches: What Christians Need to Know About the Churches People Love to Go To 70369
Barna, G., What Americans Believe: An Annual Survey of Values and Religious Views in the United States 20735 90247
Barna, G., The Future of the American Family 70263A
Barnes, Emilie, Things Happen When Women Care 20316 40060
Barnes, R.G., Raising Confident Kids 70191
Barnett, P., The Message of Second Corinthians: Power in Weakness 30876
Barr, Debbie, Caught in the Crossfire: Children of Divorce 40236
Barrs, J., Shepherds and Sheep: A Biblical View of Leading and Following 90248
Barrett, C.K., Freedom and Obligation: A Study of the Epistle to the Galatians 30765 90140
Barrett, R., Depression: What It Is and What To Do 20706
Barron, B., Heaven on Earth? The Social and Political Agendas of Dominion Theology 90513 90580
Barron, B., The Health and Wealth Gospel D1009
Barrows, C., Crusade Hymn Stories 10611
Barrows, C., Joyful Songs 10653
Barrs, J., Shepherds and Sheep: A Biblical View of Leading and Following 70424 90248
Bartalsky, Kathy, Soaring on Broken Wings 40267
Barton, D., America: To Pray or Not to Pray. A Statistical Look at What Happened When Religious Principles Were Separated From Public Affairs 90643
Barton, D., The Myth of Separation 90397
Barton, J., Love Unknown: Meditation on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus 10444
Basileians Lectures 90513A
Bassett, W.T., Counseling the Childless Couple 20490 70073
Bates, W., The Complete Works of William Bates 31119
Bates, W., The Harmony of the Divine Attributes in the Contrivance and Accomplishment of Man's Redemption 31120
Batson, B., John Bunyan's Grace Abounding and the Pilgrim's Progress: An Overview of Literary Studies, 1960-1987 31121
Battles, F.L., and J. Walchenbach, An Analysis of THE INSTITUTES OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION of John Calvin 10915
Bauckham, R.J., The Bible in Politics: How to Read the Bible Politically 90421
Bauckham, R.J., The Nuclear Weapons Debate: Theological and Ethical Issues 20770A
Baucom, J.Q., Fatal Choice: The Teenage Suicide Crisis 20917
Bauer, G., Our Journey Home: What Parents Are Doing to Preserve Family Values H1001
Bauer, J.C., Religion and the American Revolution 20771 31122
Baughen, M.A., Strengthened by Struggle: The Stress Factor in 2 Corinthians 20657
Bavinck, H., Doctrine of God 10176
Baxter, E., H. Carter, R. Grant, R.J. Rushdoony, and B. Sutton, Secular Humanism: Man Striving to be God 90389
Baxter, J.S., Christian Holiness: Restudied and Restated 10332 60239
Baxter, J.S., God So Loved 10001
Baxter, J.S., The Other Side of Death 80081
Baxter, R., A Call to the Unconverted 31123
Baxter, R., A Christian Directory: Baxter's Practical Works, Vol. 1 30934
Baxter, R., A Saint or a Brute 30933
Baxter, R., Baxter's Practical Works 30933
Baxter, R., Baxter's Practical Works, Vol. 1, A Christian Directory: 30934
Baxter, R., Baxter's Practical Works, Vol. 2 30935
Baxter, R., Baxter's Practical Works, Vol. 3 30936
Baxter, R., Baxter's Practical Works, Vol. 4 30937
Baxter, R., Devotions and Prayers 10698
Baxter, R., Dying Thoughts: Christian Hope for the Life Hereafter 30938
Baxter, R., Poor Man's Family Book and The Catechizing of Families 30933
Baxter, R., The Autobiography of Richard Baxter 31125 100019
Baxter, R., The Mischiefs of Self-Ignorance 30933
Baxter, R., The Practical Works of the Reverend Richard Baxter 30939 31126
Baxter, R., The Reformed Pastor 30940
Baxter, R., The Saints' Everlasting Rest 30941
Bayly, J., The Last Thing We Talk About 80082
Becker, A.H., Ministry With Older Persons: A Guide for Clergy and Congregations 80069
Becker, R.J., Family Pastoral Care 70235A
Becker, V., Surviving High School 70318
Bedel, K.B., The Role of Computers in Religious Education 110063
Beechick, Ruth, A Biblical Psychology of Learning: How Your Mind Works 40129 40308 20844
Beers, V.G., and S. Butcher, Precious Moments Bedtime Stories 70216
Beers, V.G., and S. Butcher, Precious Moments Stories From the Bible 70217
Beers, V.G., and S. Butcher, Precious Moments Through-the-Day Stories 70218
Beers, V.G., and S. Butcher, Precious Moments Through-the-Year Stories 70219
Beers, V.G., Growing Up to Praise God 10654
Beers, V.G., The Discovery Bible Handbook: Finding God's Answers To Life's Questions 20585
Beisner, E.C., Answers for Atheists: A Dialogue Between A Christian and a Skeptical Inquirer 20223
Beisner, E.C., Prospects for Growth: A Biblical View of Population, Resources and the Future 90258
Belcher, R.P., A Comparison of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology 90525
Belcher, R.P., A Journey in Grace 60055
Belcher, R.P., A Journey in Purity: A Theological Novel 70447 60056 110014
Belcher, R.P., A Layman's Guide to the Lordship Controversy 10277
Belcher, R.P., Arthur W. Pink: Predestination 10954
Belcher, R.P., The Impossibility Thinking of Robert Schuller D1077
Belgum, D., Hypocrisy and Mental Health 20978
Belgum, D., Religion and Medicine: Essays on Meaning, Values, Health. 80002
Bell, A.D., How to Get Along With People in the Church 70485
Benko, S., and J. O'Rourke, The Catacombs and the Colosseum 20868 90422
Benner, D.G., Strategic Pastoral Counseling: A Short-Term Structured Model 20491
Bennet, R., Howell Harris and the Dawn of Revival 10485
Bennett, A., The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions 10731 10745 30942
Bennett, W., The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators 90643A
Bension-von der Ohe, Elizabeth, and V.M. Mason, An Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Scholarship on the History of the Family 70236
Benson, Dean, The Total Man 60255A
Bentley-Taylor, D., Augustine: Wayward Genius -- The Life of St. Augustine of Hippo 100020
Benton, J., Coming to Faith in Christ 10025
Benton, J., God's Riches 10333
Benton, J., How Can a God of Love Send People to Hell? 20353
Bergman, J., The Criterion: Religious Discrimination in America 20869
Bergman, N.M., Comfort From the Cross: Help for the Hurting From the Seven Last Words of Christ 40309
Berkouwer, G.C., Faith and Justification 60215
Berkouwer, G.C., Faith and Perseverance 20191
Berkouwer, G.C., The Providence of God 10213
Berkouwer, G.C., The Work of Christ 10334
Berkouwer, G.C., Sin 20899
Bernard de Clairvaux, On Loving God: Selections From Sermons by St. Bernard of Clairvaux 60227A
Bernard de Clairvaux, The Love of God and Spiritual Friendship 10685
Bernhard, K.F., Jealousy: Its Nature and Treatment 20815
Berry, Jo, Becoming God's Special Woman: Develop Self-Worth His Way 40164
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Zundel, Veronica, Eerdmans' Book of Christian Classics 30907
Zundel, Veronica, Eerdmans' Book of Famous Prayers 40013

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