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Browse the combined contents (site map)

The "Combined Contents for The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal" links to all chapter content headings and topical listings. It is a site map. The user may browse and jump immediately to any heading or topical listings at the website.

Note: The browser BACK key (or ALT+BACK) will return the cursor to the "Contents" section of a web page. The same keys will return the user to the site map.

The Windows "Find" command (CTL+F) may be used to find any word or phrase on a web page. If you are not using Windows, then check the help features of both the browser and the operating system.

Browse the indexes

The print edition included indexes to authors and titles, to scripture, and to subjects. Because THE WEB EDITION is constantly changing, the published indexes are obsolete. THE WEB EDITION includes substantially more information that is not found in the 1997 index, however, they may still be helpful in browsing.

Google also offers a single-site search features explained below.

Index of Authors and Titles, 1997 CDROM edition

When author names appearing in ALL CAPS this indicates that the title is available from Still Waters Revival Books.

Index of Scripture, 1993 print edition

Appendix A: Words of Christ Appearing in The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

Index of Subjects, 1997 CDROM edition

The 1997 CDROM edition may be searched with Logos Library System (LLS) program.

Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal, 1997 edition CD-ROM in Logos Library System (LLS) format.

The "See also" entries from the Index of Subjects for the 1997 CD-ROM edition have been added to the end of topical listings in the WEB EDITION and a few are interactive. "See also" entries have been created for many of the new topical listings (incomplete as of 07/12/12).

Chapter 3 contains a topical listing, "Christian Classics: A Short Title Listing" which lists the approximately 270 citations to Christian classics in THE WEB EDITION. These citations are identified in other chapters with the sentense "A Christian classic."

See the Preface for further comments on the problem of indexing.

Browse websites of outside resources

Notice that links to resources outside THE WEB EDITION often link only to the most relevant webpage. Readers may use one link to an outside resource to explore the entire website, or sometimes find a new URL for a broken link, by moving the cursor to the URL (web address) on their browser tool bar and deleting the end of the URL up to, but not including "com/," "org/," "net/," (or, for example, "com.index" "com.sitemap" "com.list") and so forth. The abbreviated URL will often take you to the homepage of the website. Indexes will be found there. The website may have a site map. and as research tools

Citations that were previously linked to are now linked to (OCLC) which are created by librarians and give full information about the item, various editions, and its location in local libraries, sources to purchase the book, foreign language editions, and so forth, and so on.

The database provides, among other things, the following information:

Google Single-site Searches

The advanced search feature of may be used to search just one domain. THE WEB EDITION OF BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL is located in the domain ""

Single-site searches using general search terms may yield to many hits because of the extensive cross referencing in this database. In that case browse the "Combined Interactive Contents for The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal" and the indexes to the print edition. allows the user to narrow a search to PDF files only by adding the phrase "inurl:pdf." For example, if "Christian classic inurl:pdf" is searched, then will provided links to only PDF files of Christian classics.

Google Watch by Steve Bryant

A note on copying THE WEB EDITION

To copy THE WEB EDITION, save pages in HTML format to CD, DVD, or to a hard drive. Copied HTML files can then be viewed off-line by calling them up in an Internet browser. They will appear formatted exactly as they do online. Click on a link in an off-line file and most browsers will automatically connect to the web.

Topical listings of annotated bibliography may be copied, printed, or downloaded freely for ministry and educational uses. If topical listings are quoted, then, in all cases, we request that the source be credited.

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Combined Interactive Contents for The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

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