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Chapter 1: The Foundation of Biblical Counsel (parts 1 and 2)

Chapter 2: Biblical Counsel (parts 1 and 2)

Chapter 3: Special Listings

Chapter 4: Works by and for Women

Chapter 5: Reference Works

Chapter 6: Discipleship

Chapter 7: Family Life, Education, Church and Work (parts 1 and 2)

Chapter 8: Physical Health

Chapter 9: Corporate Faithfulness and Sanctification (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Interactive Contents

Chapter 10: Christian Biography

Chapter 11: Christian Fiction

Appendix A: Words of Christ Appearing in The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

Appendix B: Christian Classics Available at Internet Archive,

Appendix C: Psychology and Psychiatry

Appendix D: Pseudo-Christian Movements: A Selection of Works

Combined Interactive Contents for The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal -- Sit Map

Special Listings of Annotated Bibliography

  1. The Best Books in This Bibliography

  2. Book-length Presentations of the Free Offer of the Gospel Message of Salvation and the Life to Come: The Means of Grace

  3. Books Considered to be Among the ten Greatest in the English Language

  4. Christian Classics Available at Internet Archive,

  5. Christian Classics: A Short Title Listing

  6. Christ's Influence on Western Civilization

  7. Church and State
    Works listed here discuss the decline of the influence of Calvinism and the Covenanted Reformation in Great Britain and the United States. The various alterations to the Westminster Standards are also discussed.

  8. Compassionate Counsel to all Young men (1681), Richard Baxter

  9. Contemporary Biblical Counseling: With 1995 Additions, an annotated bibliography, David Powlison
    David Powlison is editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling, current director of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, Glenside, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Harvard University in 1972.

  10. The Covenanted Reformation of Scotland Author/Title Listing

  11. The Epic Battle Between Good and Evil, Power, Wealth, Sex, Washington, Government, Deep State, Shadow Government: Resources for Reform

  12. Google Books preview of BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL, 1993 edition
    All of the book is previewed and searchable.
    If the link below changes, then search "Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal" in

  13. Helps: Key, Acronyms, Permissions, Information for Librarians and Booksellers

  14. Heresies Defined and the Necessity of Heresies Explained, by George Gillespie, Scottish Commissioner to the Assembly of Divines at Westminster

  15. The Inspiration and Infallibility of Scripture (The Doctrine of Revelation, the Doctrine of Plenary Inspiration, the Doctrine of Divine Inspiration, the Doctrine of Verbal Inspiration, Theopneustia, Sufficiency of Scripture)

  16. An Introduction to the Covenanted Reformation

  17. Justification

  18. Justifying Faith

  19. Local Holdings, Part 1 (Harrisonburg, VA)
    WorldCat records for titles appearing in The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal ( Most of these titles may be found in libraries generally within a one hour drive of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

  20. Local Holdings, Part 2 (Harrisonburg, VA)
    WorldCat records for titles appearing in The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal ( Most of these titles may be found in libraries generally within a one hour drive of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

    An extraordinary Reformed website with extensive resources including an author/alphabetical listing, a bookstore, discerning links to Biblical Counseling information online, and a listing of books available online as free e-text.

  22. The Practical Works of Richard Baxter, Volume 1: A Christian Directory, free, online, searchable, e-text.

  23. Preface to the 1993 Print Edition and to the 1997 CD-ROM edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

  24. Preface to The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

  25. Problem Solving in Marriage

  26. The Psalms in Worship

  27. Puritan Hard Drive Collection, Still Waters Revival Books.
    Containing 12,500 plus Puritan and Reformation resources on an external USB hard drive, "with an embedded database and custom search/interface program now added, the most extensive and powerful reformation study tool ever produced!"
    "Over 12,500 Classic and Contemporary Puritan and Reformation Resources On SWRB's New, Portable, USB Puritan Hard Drive (SWRB-PHD) -- Easy, Virtually Effortless, Access To All 12,500+ Puritan And Reformation Resources (Books, MP3s and Videos [audio files, DVD]), and the Power to Search, Build, Print and Even Save An Unlimited Number of Study Lists Related to Whatever Authors, Topics and Titles You Most Need To Know and Understand!
    "The new Puritan Hard Drive also works on both PCs and Macs." -- Publisher
    Apparently the Puritan Hard Drive includes all Bookshelf collections prepared and in preparation by SWRB at the time of release of the Puritan Hard Drive. Therefore, it includes titles formerly in the Puritan Bookshelf, Reformation Bookshelf, Calvinism Bookshelf, and Protestant Bookshelf as well as SWRB Newsletter, and audio files. Text and audio files that Puritan Downloads has acquire since release of the PHD may be purchased and downloaded singly at It seems that individual PHD owners can not incorporate new text into the PHD database software and indexes.
    Download contents: Authors, Titles, Categories, and MP3s for the Puritan Hard Drive. [audio files]

  28. Ready Reference: Immediate Counsel on Many Subjects

  29. Reformation Bookshelf 30 CD Set, Still Waters Revival Books, ISBN: 0921148674 9780921148678.
    This is the WorldCat (OCLC) record for the entire 30 CD set. It gives the title of each CD. See the WorldCat (OCLC) record for each CD for a listing of the titles included on that CD. "Comprehensive Author Index Containing all the Books Found in the Entire 30 CD Reformation Bookshelf Set" is available on Reformation Bookshelf CD #30, ISBN: 0921148380 9780921148388.

    Reformation Bookshelf CD #1, ISBN: 0921148674 9780921148678.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #2, ISBN: 0921148690 9780921148692.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #3, ISBN: 0921148712 9780921148715.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #4, ISBN: 0921148739 9780921148739.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #5, ISBN: 0921148755 9780921148753.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #6, ISBN: 0921148771 9780921148777.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #7, ISBN: 0921148798 9780921148791.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #8, ISBN: 092114881X 9780921148814.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #9, ISBN: 0921148836 9780921148838.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #10, ISBN: 0921148852 9780921148852.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #11, ISBN: 0921148879 9780921148876.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #12, ISBN: 0921148895 9780921148890.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #13, ISBN: 0921148917 9780921148913.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #14, ISBN: 0921148925 9780921148920.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #15, ISBN: 0921148941 9780921148944.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #16, ISBN: 0921148674 9780921148678.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #17, ISBN: 0921148984 9780921148982.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #18, ISBN: 0921148933 9780921148937.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #19, ISBN: 092114895X 9780921148951.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #20, ISBN: 0921148976 9780921148975.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #21, ISBN: 0921148992 9780921148999.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #22, ISBN: 0921148143 9780921148142.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #23, ISBN: 092114816X 9780921148166.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #24, ISBN: 0921148186 9780921148180.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #25, ISBN: 0921148208 9780921148203.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #26, ISBN: 0921148224 9780921148227.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #27, ISBN: 0921148240 9780921148241.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #28, ISBN: 0921148267 9780921148265.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #29, ISBN: 0921148283 9780921148289.
    Reformation Bookshelf CD #30, ISBN: 0921148380 9780921148388.

  30. Sharing Christ With Your Children

  31. The Shorter Catechism With Scripture Proofs, The Westminster Assembly (Carlisle, PA [P.O. Box 621, Carlisle 17013, USA]: The Banner of Truth Trust).
    Arguably the greatest tract ever created, all factors considered.
    *Westminster Shorter Catechism
    "The Shorter Catechism, With the Assembly's Proof Texts."
    Free downloadable PDF file.
    Westminster Shorter Catechism Project
    "Click on any of the individual questions below to get the answer and Biblical references, as well as links to works by John Flavel, Thomas Watson, Thomas Boston, James Fisher, and John Whitecross, and others."

  32. Some Complementary Works

  33. The Teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ

  34. Ten Best Classics For Advanced Studies From Still Waters Revival Books

  35. Theft: Commentary and Cases of Conscience. A Listing Excerpted From The Institutes of Biblical Law by Rousas John Rushdoony, 1973 edition

  36. A Theological Interpretation of American History

  37. The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), [completed and first printed in 1646, approved by the Assembly, August 27, 1647, Session 23 -- compiler] (Glasgow, Scotland: Free Presbyterian Publication [133 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6LE], 1994), The Westminster Assembly (1643-1652), ISBN: 0902506080 (case-bound), and ISBN: 0902506358 (paperback). Among the ten greatest works in the English language. Available (THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH (1646) with all its subordinate documents in searchable format) on the Puritan Hard Drive. Also available (THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH (1646) with all its subordinate documents in searchable format) on Reformation Bookshelf CD #1.
    Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) With Scripture Proofs
    The Confession of Faith, the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, With the Scripture Proofs at Large: Together With The sum of Saving Knowledge (contained in the Holy Scriptures, and held forth in the said Confession and Catechisms), and Practical use Thereof, Covenants National and Solemn League, Acknowledgment of Sins and Engagement to Duties, Directories, Form of Church-government, &c. of Public Authority in the Church of Scotland, With Acts of Assembly and Parliament, Relative to, and Approbative of the Same (1757) [the original version of 1646, prior to the changes of the "American Version" of 1789 -- compiler]
    " 'The product of Puritan conflict,' stated Shedd, reaching 'a perfection of statement never elsewhere achieved.' All that learning the most profound and extensive, intellect the most acute and searching, and piety the most sincere and earnest, could accomplish, was thus concentrated in the Westminster Assembly's Confession of Faith, which may be safely termed the most perfect statement of Systematic Theology ever framed by the Christian Church,' writes Hetherington. (The History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, p. 345).
    "Concerning The Shorter Catechism, which is one of the items also included in this book, Mitchell notes: 'it is a thoroughly Calvinistic and Puritan catechism, the ripest fruit of the Assembly's thought and experience, maturing and finally fixing the definitions of theological terms to which Puritanism for half a century had been leading up and gradually coming closer and closer to in its legion of catechisms.' (Westminster Assembly: Its History and Standards, p. 431).
    "THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH (1646) is the greatest of all the creeds of the Christian church. The church of Christ cannot be creedless and live. Especially in an age of doubt and confusion, it is her duty to define and proclaim the one true faith. Nowhere has the Reformed church done this so effectively as in the WESTMINSTER CONFESSION, and family of documents. This book represents Reformed thinking at its purest and best. It was intended, as part of the Covenanted Reformation taking place during its compilation, to be adopted as the binding confessional standard for every individual, family, court, church, and legislature in the British Isles." -- Publisher
    This is considered to be the definitive publication of the Westminster family of documents. It includes the following:
    1. "To the Christian Reader, Especially Heads of Families"
    2. "Mr. Thomas Manton's Epistle to the Reader"
    3. THE CONFESSION OF FAITH (1646), the full and original edition with Scripture proofs written out
    4. THE LARGER CATECHISM with Scripture proofs written out
    5. THE SHORTER CATECHISM with Scripture proofs written out
    7. "The National Covenant"
    8. "The Solemn League and Covenant"
    9. "A Solemn Acknowledgement of Publick Sins and Breaches of the Covenant; and a Solemn Engagement to all the Duties Contained Therein"
    12. "The Directory for Family-Worship, Approved by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, for Piety and Uniformity in Secret and Private Worship, and Mutual Edification"

    THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH (1646) is said to be the finest summary of THE HOLY BIBLE available. It is recommended for daily devotions. See the following resources:
    2. "The Complete Scripture Index to the Westminster Confession (1646), Larger and Shorter Catechisms." Alternate title: SCRIPTURE INDEX TO THE WESTMINSTER STANDARDS. Available on Library of Presbyterian Heritage Publications [and] Protestant Heritage Press CD. Also available on the Puritan Hard Drive.
      Includes a unique, 100-page topical index to both the CONFESSION and the LARGER CATECHISM.
      Arguably the greatest tract ever created, all factors considered.
      Free downloadable PDF file.
    6. Westminster Shorter Catechism Project
      "Click on any of the individual questions below to get the answer and Biblical references, as well as links to works by John Flavel, Thomas Watson, Thomas Boston, James Fisher, and John Whitecross, and others."
    7. Commentaries on the Westminster Standards Including the Westminster Confession of Faith, The Larger Catechism, and The Shorter Catechism
    8. The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), (The Westminster Standards), and Related Works: A Study Guide
    9. The Scottish Covenanted Reformation continued the work of The Westminster Assembly. David Steel (1803-1887), is considered to be one of the most faithful Covenanter ministers in America. Notice that the citation following is an authorized, complete edition of their final TESTIMONY.
      This is a new edition of the Ploughlandhead Testimony of 1761. It was the subordinate standard of the original "Steelite" Reformed Presbytery that was constitutes in 1840.

  38. Words of Christ Appearing in The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

Other Resources

  1. 1599 Geneva Bible Notes

  2. The Apologetics lecture series by C. Gregg Singer (1910-1999), using FROM RATIONALISM TO IRRATIONALITY: THE DECLINE OF THE WESTERN MIND FROM THE RENAISSANCE TO THE PRESENT (1979) as the text, and delivered in Decature, Georgia, beginning November, 1979, 17 MP3 files [audio files].
    "So many times people in the pew and the pulpit say, well how did all this get started? How did psychology descend to its present level? . . . How did political science produce our political thought, produce the dictatorships which are engulfing the modern world? Why are we in the economic mess in which we are today? Why is sociology such a jumble of immorality? Why is education as it is today? Why is art so meaningless? . . . Why is modern music an affront to the modern ears as well as to the mind and ear of God? . . . Why are all these things!? . . .
    "I would suggest to you that if you will follow this course with thought and care, you will finally come to see the answer to the questions which haunt us today in Western society." -- C. Gregg Singer, from this cited lecture series

  3. The Autodidact (Self-taught)

  4. The Biblical Solution to Terrorism

  5. Biblioteca de Inglesia Reformada
    Online text of Reformed works in Spanish: Catechisms and confessions, The spanish bible, Churches, pastors, ministers, students and other resources, Reformed works (by title), over 1000, For more books, articles and other resources, Some libraries that we recommend, Links and resources in various languages and dialects, and so forth, and so on.

  6. China Reformation Publishers (China Christian Books)
    Lists Reformed works translated into Chinese. Most are available on the web.

  7. A Christian Directory: Baxter's Practical Works, Vol. 1. Full title: A Christian Directory: or A Sum of Practical Theology, and Cases of Conscience. Directing Christians how to use Their Knowledge and Faith; How to Improve all Helps and Means, and to Perform all Duties; How to Overcome Temptations, and to Escape or Mortify Every Sin. In Four Parts.
    I. Christian Ethics (or Private Duties)
    II. Christian Economics (or Family Duties)
    III. Christian Ecclesiastics (or Church Duties)
    IV. Christian Politics (or Duties to Our Rulers and Neighbours),
    Richard Baxter (1615-1691), (Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1997, 1990, 1838, 1707, 1678, 1673), ISBN: 1877611131 9781877611131. Foreword by J.I. Packer (Soli Deo Gloria edition only).
    The reprint by George Virtue is available online and may be downloaded in PDF format at Christian Classics Ethereal Library.
    The reprint by George Virtue appears in full preview in Google Books but may not be downloaded. So it is useful if the reader wants to become acquainted with the book. Text can be searched, but can not be copied into another document. This particular Google Books scan includes the contents in detail on pages iii-xix which is not included in the Christian Classics Ethereal Library PDF files. About five other editions from libraries are available in Google Books, and may be downloaded (August 2008).
    Notice that the e-text in Google Books has the advantage of being searchable.
    One of the older, multi-volume editions of THE WORKS OF RICHARD BAXTER is available at in the "Puritan Library," "Richard Baxter." A CHRISTIAN DIRECTORY, volume 23. It can be downloaded.
    "The complete practical works of Richard Baxter are in print in four volumes entitled BAXTER'S PRACTICAL WORKS. This volume (about 1 1/4 million words, 1028 pages), is volume one of the set. The editor's preface (1707), p. xiii, stated that the works of Richard Baxter are 'perhaps the best body of practical divinity that is extent in our own or any other tongue.' Richard Baxter lived from 1615-1691. The DIRECTORY was completed in 1665. Its scope was intended to cover all of practical theology, a summa of casuistry . . ." -- Don Kistler
    "Baxter's series, which grew in range and scope as it proceeded . . . is a peak point in Puritan devotional writing, and remains a precious resource for all, in this or any age, who want to know what is involved in Biblical godliness. . . . A CHRISTIAN DIRECTORY may justly be described as a landmark. It is the fullest, most thorough, and in this writer's judgment, most profound treatment of Christian spirituality and standards that has ever been attempted by an English-speaking Evangelical author. The fact that it embraces both spirituality and standards (the principles of communion with God plus the specifics of obedience to God), merits approving comment in itself; nowadays spirituality and ethics have become two distinct disciplines in the schools, and books written on either say virtually nothing about the other . . ." -- J.I. Packer
    Timothy Keller calls it the greatest manual on Biblical counseling ever produced.
    A summary of currently (2012) available publications.
    Richard Baxter, from Wikipedia

  8. Combined Interactive Contents for The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

  9. The Commandments of Jesus, J.S. McConnell (1925)

  10. Contents and Chapter Sections for Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1559 (Battles translation)

  11. Crosswalk Bible Study Tools

  12. Distributed Proofreaders

  13. Dr. C. Gregg Singer, Mount Olive Tape Library lectures (MP3 audio files), approximately 161 of 171
    The Catalog of the Mount Olive Tape Library in PDF Format
    Mt. Olive Audio Library, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive

  14. Epidemic, Pandemic, Plague, Natural Disaster

  15. The Golden Sceptre Held Forth to the Humble, John Preston (1587-1628)

  16. The Google Advanced Search
    This feature may be used to search one specific domain/website. For example, to search for "John 3:16" in "," (The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal), enter the search terms on the search screen in "this exact word or phrase:" and "site or domain:".
    A link to Google Advanced Search may be added to the Internet Explorer toolbar, so that any favorite website may be conveniently searched.

  17. Google Book Search
    "Search the full text of books to find ones that interest you and learn where to buy or borrow them."

  18. A Guide to the Puritans: A Topical and Textual Index to the Writings of the Puritans and Some of Their Successors Recently in Print, Robert P. Martin (Banner of Truth, 1997), 546 pages, ISBN: 0851517137 9780851517131.

  19. Healthcare Reform

  20. Helps: Key, Acronyms, Permissions, Information for Librarians and Booksellers

  21. How to Find a Book

  22. How to Find Translations of Reformed Works From English to a Foreign Language and Visa Versa

  23. Indexes to The Complete Works of John Owen, The Banner of Truth, 16 volume edition

  24. LibraryThing
    "LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of your books. You can do all of them or just what you're reading now.
    "And because everyone catalogs online, they also catalog together. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share."

  25. Meltdown: The Depression of 2008

  26. The Mount Olive Tape Library Catalog of in PDF Format

  27. Mount Olive Tape Library of Reformed Theology
    This collection has been in the custody of the Greenville Presbyterian Seminary since 2006.
    "The tapes included in this catalog are recordings of sermons and lectures given by various pastors, theologians, Bible teachers, and conference speakers who confess adherence to the broad perspectives of historic Reformed theology. We have diligently tried to screen all the materials as to their basic commitment to the Biblical perspectives reflected in the Reformed creeds and confessions.
    Dr. C. Gregg Singer, Mount Olive Tape Library lectures (MP3 audio files), approximately 161 of 171
    The Catalog of the Mount Olive Tape Library in PDF Format
    Mt. Olive Audio Library, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    Greenville Seminary & Mt. Olive

  28. One Hundred Aphorisms, Containing, Within a Narrow Compass, the Substance and Order of the Four Books of The Institutes of the Christian Religion

  29. Presbiterianos Reformados
    "Aquí se encuentra el único lugar en la red dónde se ofrece los Estándares originales de Westminster en completo y sin alguna enmienda!"

  30. Reformation Translation Fellowship (Chinese translations of Reformed works)
    "During the past forty years writings by John Calvin, J.I. Packer, Loraine Boettner, Herman Bavnick, J.G. Vos, Charles Spurgeon, E.J. Young, A.W. Pink, Louis Berkhof, J. Gresham Machen, B.B. Warfield, John R.W. Stott, R.B. Kuiper, O.T. Allis, D.M. Lloyd-Jones, Charles Hodge, John Bunyan, and many others have been translated into Chinese. Books published recently by the RTF are CALLED TO THE MINISTRY by Edmond Clowney, THE HOLY SPIRIT by John Owen (the abridgement by R.J.K. Law), and EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE by Richard Pratt."

  31. Reformation Translation Fellowship, Australia
    "RTF Australia is one part of an international fellowship which seeks to promote the Christian Gospel through the distribution of Reformed theological literature in the Chinese languages."

  32. Reformed Presbyterian Catechism, William L. Roberts D.D.

  33. Reformed Publishers and Booksellers Online

  34. The Sabbath and Free Institutions

    " is the largest library of audio sermons on the web from conservative Christian churches and ministries with over 438,500 FREE MP3 [audio files] sermons which can be streamed online for immediate listening or downloaded to your computer or MP3 player for listening at a later time. You can easily search through the entire sermon library by broadcaster, Bible reference, topic, speaker, date preached, language, or any keyword.
    "The mission of is to help faithful, local churches broadcast their audio sermons to the maximum amount of people with the least amount of cost. Our chief purpose is for the preservation and propagation of great Bible preaching and teaching in its audio form for this generation and the next.
    "Additionally, through our Transcription and Translation service, any sermon that is available on can be professionally and accurately transcribed by a real human and then machine-translated into 20 plus foreign languages."

  36. Tools for Biblical Scholars, Scholar's Workstation

  37. The Treasury of David, C.H. Spurgeon
    The Treasury of David (1881)

  38. The Trinity Foundation Lecture Series (MP3) [audio files]
    There are 13 series of lectures here in MP3 format. They can be listened to online, or downloaded for use on a CD player, computer. Load them on an iPod and listen anytime, anywhere.

    Find a book in a library near you using This site enables the user to search the complete Online Computer Library Catalog (OCLC), the largest database of library catalogs in the world.

  40. Works of C. Gregg Singer

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