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Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal. An Annotated Topical Bibliography of Works Containing Biblical Counsel for Persons Seeking Lasting Solutions to Life's Problems, 1993, ISBN: 0963682113 9780963682116.
A book-length annotated bibliography containing over 5700 citations by 2550 authors cross-referenced under 440 topic headings. Includes author and title, scripture, and subject indexes.
It is out-of-print in book format but is still available in the used book trade.
"This unique book-length bibliography enables the reader to bring known Biblical counselors into the home via book, audio cassette [audio file], video cassette, and the World Wide Web. Painstakingly researched over a 15-year period, it is a gold mine of Biblical wisdom. It includes little known and hard to find books, for example, 273 Reformed classics. The breadth of the collection evidences the interrelationship of absolute truth, life, moral behavior, the law, freedom, obedience, social stability, and the positive sanctions of God. Therefore, it is a strong apologetic for the Biblical Christianity of our forefathers, that aimed to be true to Christ." -- Publisher
The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal
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The 1993 print edition has been scanned in Google Books.
Search "Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal" in Google Books. It appears "Full View," and 100 percent of the book is searchable, although text can not be copied. Readers must go to www.lettermen2.com to copy text online.

Biblical Counsel: Resources for RenewalLogos Library Systems format (LLS)
An edited version of the 1993 edition, prepared in 1997, is available on CD-ROM in Logos Library System (LLS) format.

THE WEB EDITION OF BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL began as a revised and expanded version of the 1993 printed book of 828 pages. Today it is a substantially larger database. The website contains about 80 webpages, over 20MBs of annotated bibliography and links. Every effort has been made to exercise the utmost spiritual discernment in making additions and alterations.

Besides being a multi-media research index, and a link to the Reformed web, THE WEB EDITION is also a way to bring known Biblical Counselors into the home through books, MP3 files, DVDs, and online resources.

Librarians who give reference assistance or who make classification, cataloging, and indexing decisions will find BIBLICAL COUNSEL: RESOURCES FOR RENEWAL to be a time saving reference work. It gives some bibliographic control over an area of subject classification not recognized by most classification systems. And some of the publications listed have not been reviewed in standard library journals. A must for all Christian libraries.

Indexing, 1993 print edition

The "See also" (sa), entries from the Index of Subjects in the 1993 print edition have been added to the "See also" entries at the end of topical listings of THE WEB EDITION. And "See also" entries have been created for the new topical listings.

The print edition included indexes to authors and titles, scripture, and subjects. Because THE WEB EDITION is constantly changing, and because of the new single site search features of Google, the published indexes are obsolete. However, they may still be helpful in browsing.

Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal, 1993, Index of Authors and Titles

Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal, 1993, Index of Scripture

Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal, 1993, Index of Subjects

Chapter 3 contains the topical listing, "Christian Classics Short Title Listing" that includes the approximately 270 citations to Christian classics in this database. They are identified in the annotation with the sentence "A Christian classic."

See the Preface for further comments on the challenge of indexing.

Key to the Style used for fonts and hypertext in THE WEB EDITION

"Chapter 1: The Foundation of Biblical Counsel" is the style sample for the entire database/website. Some style conventions in use are unique to this website, and it would be burdensome to list them all here. They are logical and intuitive, so the most practical approach is to simply begin using the website. With time the user will recognize the style used.

The style of scripture references varies greatly. For example Galatians 2:20 may appear as Gal. 2:20; Gal. 2. 20; Gal. ii. 20; Gal. ii.20, and so forth, and so on, including different combinations of abbreviations, punctuations, spacing, and Roman and Arabic numbering. In THE WEB EDITION scripture references are followed by a standard notation in brackets, for example, [Galatians 2:20]. Notice, this enables users to execute a "Local Search" (Google Advance Search), for a standardized scripture reference, and to find all references to that scripture in THE WEB EDITION.

Also notice that Logos' web tool, Reftagger, is used throughout THE WEB EDITION. Reftagger highlights bible verses and converts them into links. Move the cursor onto the verse, and a preview of the entire verse will pop up, with additional options for further study.
Logos Reftagger

Acknowledgements, 1993 print edition

Grateful acknowledgment is made for permission to reprint the following:

Quoted annotations credited to "Cyril J. Barber" are from THE MINISTER'S LIBRARY, VOL. 1, copyright 1974, 1985 by Cyril J. Barber, THE MINISTER'S LIBRARY VOL. 2, copyright 1987 by Cyril J. Barber, and THE MINISTER'S LIBRARY SUPPLEMENT, 1986-1987, copyright 1989 by Cyril J. Barber, and are used by permission.

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Quoted annotation credited to "William J. Grier" are from THE BEST BOOKS: A GUIDE TO CHRISTIAN LITERATURE compiled by William J. Grier, copyright 1968 by Banner of Truth Trust, London, England, and are used by permission.
Quotations credited to "Benjamin Hart" are from FAITH AND FREEDOM by Benjamin Hart, copyright 1988 by Stanley and Lewis, Dallas, Texas, and are used by permission.

Quotations credited to "D. James Kennedy" and quoted annotation credited to "CRM" are from various sermons and other material of Coral Ridge Ministries and are used by permission of Coral Ridge Ministries, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Quotations credited to various Puritans of the 17th century are from THE GOLDEN TREASURY OF PURITAN QUOTATIONS (also entitled A PURITAN GOLDEN TREASURY), compiled by I.D.E. Thomas, copyright 1977 by Banner of Truth Trust, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and are used by permission.

Acknowledgements, the website

The appearance of The Internet and the World Wide Web, "The Information Superhighway," and Social Media, multiplied the resources, bibliographic and otherwise, available to home computer users. Websites appeared for booksellers, seminary and university libraries, virtual libraries, Reformed ministries, parachurch organizations, bloggers, and so forth, and so on. Consequently, the book became a website, with links to online resources, for example, the Online Computer Library Catalog (OCLC, WorldCat), the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, seminary libraries, Bible Study Tools, Matthew Henry's Commentary, John Gill's Commentary, RefTagger, SermonAudio, The Trinity Foundation, The Internet Archive, Google Books, Monergism, and so forth, and so on.
It is gratefully acknowledged that these highly expanded sources of information have very significantly contributed to the usefulness of the website. We have endeavored to acknowledge and give credit to sources when it is appropriate and when they are known. It should be noticed that the work of compiling bibliography and the work of writing are basically different.

Many of the resources compiled from online sources fall under the "fair use" disclaimer (Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976) below.

Still Waters Revival Books was largely responsible for bringing the Scottish Covenanted Reformation to attention of the public with their book sales catalogs in the 90's, and then by their scanning and digital publishing of little known and hard to find Puritan, Reformed, and Covenanter works in the Puritan Bookshelf CD-ROM series, the Reformed Bookshelf CD-ROM series, and, in 2010, in the Puritan Hard Drive, which included all previous bookshelf series. It is gratefully acknowledged that, in any way that the website introduces readers to the Scottish Reformation, it is due primarily to the resources of the Puritan Hard Drive and Puritan Downloads.

Identification numbers for Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

  1. ISBN-10: 0963682113, ISBN-13: 9780963682116
  2. OCLC/WorldCat Number: 29928892
  3. Library of Congress card catalog number: Z7776.5 .K 1993, BV4501.2 .K 1993
  4. LC (Library of Congress) Control Number: 94184780
  5. Dewey Decimal Class: 016.2484
  6. LibraryThing: 1616668
  7. Goodreads: 2794733
  8. Open Library: OL1193253M

How to make an offline copy of the entire website

The current online edition is available free to the public at www.lettermen2.com.

Topical listings of annotated bibliography may be copied, printed, or downloaded freely for ministry and educational uses. If topical listings are quoted, then, in all cases, we request that the source be credited.

To copy the web site online it is necessary to use a program like the following:


See also:
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Copied HTML files can then be viewed off-line by calling them up in the browser. They will appear formatted exactly as they do online. Click on a link in an offline file and most browsers will automatically connect to the web.

Keep in mind that the website is still active and continues to change as additions and alterations are made.

Copyright disclaimer for quoted annotation and other quotations in The Web Edition of Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976
Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Key to original accession number system, 1993 print edition

An asterisk (*) marks a book known to be of special merit. However, other books of equal or greater merit may not be marked with an asterisk. The 1993 edition placed citations marked with an asterisk at the beginning of each topical listing. THE WEB EDITION alphabetizes them within the topical listing.

The five digit accession number located the citation in the collection (discontinued in the Web Edition -- compiler). For example, "40007" is the seventh consecutive original, annotated citation in Chapter 4. Notice there may be cross-referenced citations between original citations. So it may be necessary to skip through citations to find a successive citation number within its chapter. Cross-referenced citations are always within brackets "[40007]" (also discontinued). Therefore, if a cross-referenced citation gives only the author and short title, then, in some cases, a full citation may be found in the chapter where the original citation is located (in the Web Edition even cross references contain annotation if it is available for that title). Notice that accession numbers were also used in the print edition of the Index of Authors and Titles.

Frequent additions and alterations of citations make it impossible to assign new accession numbers.

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*Powlison, David (1949-2019, compiler and annotator), Contemporary Biblical Counseling: With 1995 Additions, an annotated bibliography.
David Powlison is editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling, current director of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, Glenside, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Harvard University in 1972.

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Researchers are urged to exercise the utmost discernment in navigating the World Wide Web. See the topical listing "Spiritual Discernment."

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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