Computer Crime and Corporate Crime

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Abadinsky, Howard, The Criminal Elite: Professional and Organized Crime, ISBN: 0313238332 9780313238338.

Bender, David, Computer Law, ISBN: 0820510688 9780820510682.

Bologna, G. Jack, and Robert J. Lindquist, Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting: New Tools and Techniques, 2nd edition (Wiley, January 15, 1995), 249 pages, ISBN: 0471106461 9780471106463.
"Fraud, in the words of the authors, is no simple vice. Recent years have seen it grow both in size and complexity, to the point where some estimates place losses due to fraud at well over $100 billion a year. And, with the increasing complexity of financial structures and the intensity of business competition, fraud has become harder to detect and more tempting to commit.
"Since much of the responsibility for detecting fraud has been assumed by the accounting profession, accountants need to learn how to recognize its signs and investigate it. FRAUD AUDITING AND FORENSIC ACCOUNTING, SECOND EDITION focuses on the investigation, detection, documentation, and prevention of accounting frauds, stock frauds, and employee theft and embezzlement. Written by recognized experts in the field of white-collar crime, this comprehensive book provides an incisive, in-depth analysis of how fraud occurs within an organization and explains the latest techniques for fighting it. The authors have brought together up-to-date material to show practicing professionals how to:

  • Recognize the characteristics of organizations in which fraud is likely to occur
  • Detect and deter accounting fraud, using the most recently developed techniques
  • Conduct an efficient, systematic fraud investigation
  • Use the latest methods for documenting fraud and preparing evidence -- and much more
  • In addition, this timely, authoritative book presents new case studies, drawn from a wide variety of actual incidents, that demonstrate industry-tested methods for dealing with fraud.
  • "G. Jack Bologna, BBA, JD, CFE, is President of Computer Protection Systems, Inc., and Associate Professor of Management at Siena Heights College. Among his numerous publications are THE ACCOUNTANT'S HANDBOOK OF FRAUD AND COMMERCIAL CRIME (Wiley), FORENSIC ACCOUNTING HANDBOOK, and HANDBOOK ON CORPORATE FRAUD. He is also editor of two newsletters, 'Forensic Accounting Review' and 'Computer Security Digest.' Mr. Bologna is a recipient of the Thomas J. Fitzgerald Award for significant contribution to the field of information security.
    "Robert J. Lindquist, BCOMM, CA, CFE, is CEO of Lindquist, Avey, Macdonald, Baskerville, Inc., a leading North American forensic and investigative accounting firm based in Washington, D.C. Previously, he was Partner and National Director of the forensic accounting services division of a "Big Six" accounting firm. In addition to writing and lecturing on forensic accounting, he has served as the Chairman of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (1993). -- Publisher

    Bologna, Jack, and Paul Shaw, Corporate Crime Investigations, ISBN: 0750696591 9780750696593.
    "CORPORATE CRIME INVESTIGATIONS is a reference tool for internal auditors, in-house counsel and corporate security professionals who handle crimes, torts, and breaches of contract.
    "The crimes involved may include employee fraud, theft, embezzlement, forgery, commercial bribery and property destruction. Breaches of ethical codes, fiduciary duties, and company policies incidental to these acts are also included. CORPORATE CRIME INVESTIGATIONS also includes important information on privacy rights of the suspected individuals.
    "Provides comprehensive information for internal auditors, in-house counselors and corporate security professionals.
    Contains valuable information on techniques like forensic accounting, polygraph and arrest.
    "Presents important discussions on rights to privacy.
    "Paul Shaw is editor and publisher of COMPUTING AND COMMUNICATIONS: LAW AND PROTECTION, FINANCIAL FRAUD, and 'Assets Protection.' 'Assets Protection' is a periodical covering organizational integrity compliance. He is also the co-author of CORPORATE CRIME INVESTIGATION, FRAUD AWARENESS MANUAL, and FORENSIC ACCOUNTING HANDBOOK." -- Publisher

    Clinard, Marshall B., Peter Cleary Yeager; Ruth Blackburn Clinard, Corporate Crime, ISBN: 0029058805 9780029058800.
    " 'American Journal of Criminal Law' [the authors'], analysis of this situation and its ramifications on the public deserves careful consideration by all those interested in the role of corporations in the future of this nation and the world." -- Publisher
    "The very best single piece of research ever completed in the field of white collar crime. A mind-boggling accomplishment." -- Dr. Gilbert Geis, Past President, American Society of Criminologists
    "A superb book . . . will become a classic." -- Dr. Donald R. Cressey, University of California, Santa Barbara
    "Marshall B. Clinard, University of Wisconsin sociologist, has done extensive research on, and acted as a consultant on, crime in many countries. He is an authority in the area of white collar and corporate crime. The author of numerous books, he is the recipient of the Edwin H. Sutherland Award for Distinguished Contributions in Criminology." -- Publisher

    Coleman, James William, The Criminal Elite: Understanding White-Collar Crime, 6th edition (Worth Publishers, July 22, 2005), 258 pages, ISBN: 0716787342 9780716787341.

    Golden, Thomas W., Steven L. Skalak, and Mona M. Clayton, A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation, 1st edition (Wiley, October 28, 2005), 576 pages, ISBN: 9780471469070 0471469076.
    "Today's demanding marketplace expects auditors to take responsibility for fraud detection, and this expectation is buoyed by such legislation as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Auditing Standard (SAS99), which requires increased performance on the part of the auditor to find material financial statement fraud.
    "Written by three of the best forensic accountants and auditors, Thomas W. Golden, Steven L. Skalak, and Mona M. Clayton, THE AUDITOR'S GUIDE TO FORENSIC ACCOUNTING INVESTIGATION explores exactly what assurances auditors should provide and suggests alternatives to giving the capital markets more of what they are requiring-greater assurances that the financial statements they rely upon for investment decisions are free of material error, including fraud. It reveals the surprising complexity of fraud deterrence, detection, and investigation, and offers a step-by-step approach to understanding that complexity.
    "From basic techniques to intricate tests and technologies, THE AUDITOR'S GUIDE TO FORENSIC ACCOUNTING INVESTIGATION is a rich, multifaceted, and fascinating answer to the need for wiser, savvier, better-trained financial statement and internal auditors who are thoroughly familiar with fraud detection techniques and the intricate, demanding work of forensic accounting specialists.
    "Thomas W. Golden, CPA, CFE, specializes in providing consulting and expert witness testimony in both civil and criminal matters with special expertise in forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and financial statement accounting. He is a former Chairman of the Board of Regents for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the current President of the Better Government Association, a citizen watchdog group in Chicago, IL. Mr. Golden is an adjunct professor at DePaul University.
    "Steven L. Skalak, CPA, is the National Practice Leader for PWC Investigations and Forensic Services of Price, Waterhouse, Coopers, LLP. He has participated in a variety of corporate investigations relating to allegations that the Securities and Exchange Acts were violated, and of accounting or auditing improprieties. Steve has represented Audit Committees, Directors, Officers, Auditors, and Companies in class action litigation with shareholders and SEC investigations.
    "Mona M. Clayton, CPA, CFE, specializes in international fraud investigations with particular emphasis in Latin America where she has conducted investigations. She has designed investigative practice aids providing for consistent methodologies to be incorporated across common scheme investigations. Ms. Clayton is an adjunct professor at DePaul University." -- " -- Publisher

    Newman, Graeme R. and R.V.G. Clarke, Superhighway Robbery: Preventing E-Commerce Crime, ISBN: 9781843920182 1843920182 9780415628044 0415628040.

    *O'Neil, Cathy, Weapons of Math Destruction: How big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy, ISBN: 9780141985411 0141985410.
    "In today's world, if you want to change your fate you've got to pray at the altar of the algorithm . . . As math guru Cathy O'Neil argues in her newest book, these models are just the latest way America's institutions perpetuate bias and prejudice to reward the rich and keep the poor, well, poor. It's a nuanced reminder that big data is only as good as the people wielding it." -- Wired
    "Data is not going away. Nor are computers -- much less mathematics. Predictive models are, increasingly, the tools we will be relying on to run our institutions, deploy our resources, and manage our lives. But as I've tried to show throughout this book, these models are constructed not just from data, but from the choices we make about which data to pay attention to -- and which to leave out. Those choices are not just about logistics, profits, and efficiency. They are fundamentally moral." -- Cathy O'Neil
    "Cathy O'Neil has seen Big Data from the inside, and the picture isn't pretty. WEAPONS OF MATH DESTRUCTION opens the curtain on algorithms that exploit people and distort the truth while posing as neutral mathematical tools. This book is wise, fierce, and desperately necessary." -- Jordan Ellenberg, author of How not to be Wrong
    "Often we don't even know where to look for those important algorithms, because by definition the most dangerous ones are also the most secretive. That's why the catalogue of case studies in O'Neil's book are so important; she's telling us where to look." -- Guardian
    "O'Neil has become a whistle-blower for the world of Big Data . . . Her work makes particularly disturbing points about how being on the wrong side of an algorithmic decision can snowball in incredibly destructive ways." -- Time
    "O'Neil is an ideal person to write this book . . . She is one of the strongest voices speaking out for limiting the ways we allow algorithms to influence our lives and against the notion that an algorithm, because it is implemented by an unemotional machine, cannot perpetrate bias or injustice . . . While WEAPONS OF MATH DESTRUCTION is full of hard truths and grim statistics, it is also accessible and even entertaining." -- Evelyn Lamb, Scientific American

    Parker, Timothy, Fighting Computer Crime, ISBN: 068417796X 9780684177960.

    Shaw, Paul, and Jack Bologna, Preventing Corporate Embezzlement (Butterworth-Heinemann, April 27, 2000), 224 pages, ISBN: 0750672544 9780750672542.
    "Internal loss is one of the most costly forms of loss. Embezzlement is one of the least detected and prosecuted forms of internal theft. PREVENTING CORPORATE EMBEZZLEMENT is a professional reference that offers solutions.
    "Practical tool for detecting and combatting embezzlement: checklists, forms and evaluations. Offers how-to advice on avoiding lawsuits by practicing preventive law. Lists further resources, publications and directories on embezzlement, internal controls and security, risk management, insurance, auditors, and security services and equipment.
    "Paul Shaw is editor and publisher of 'Computing and Communications: Law and Protection, Financial Fraud,' and 'Assets Protection,' the latter periodical covering organizational integrity compliance. He is the co-author of CORPORATE CRIME INVESTIGATION, FRAUD AWARENESS MANUAL, and FORENSIC ACCOUNTING HANDBOOK.
    "Jack Bologna is an Associate Professor of Management at Siena Heights College in Adrian, Michigan, and is the publisher of the monthly newsletters 'Forensic Accounting Review and Computer Security Digest.' Mr. Bologna has authored and co-authored a number of books including ACCOUNTANT'S HANDBOOK ON FRAUD and COMMERCIAL CRIME AND FORENSIC ACCOUNTING HANDBOOK, 2nd Edition." Publisher

    Silverstone, Howard, and Michael Sheetz, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non-Experts, ISBN: 0471784877 9780471784876.
    "A must-have reference for every business professional, FORENSIC ACCOUNTING AND FRAUD INVESTIGATION FOR NON-EXPERTS, SECOND EDITION is a necessary tool for those interested in understanding how financial fraud occurs and what to do when you find or suspect it within your organization. With comprehensive coverage, it provides insightful advice on where an organization is most susceptible to fraud." -- Publisher

    Smith, Russell G., Peter Grabosky, Gregor Urbas, Cyber Criminals on Trial (Cambridge University Press (October 25, 2004), 262 pages, ISBN: 0521840473 9780521840477.
    "This book comprises an international study of the manner in which cyber criminals are currently handled by the judicial system. As computer-related crime becomes more important globally, both scholarly and journalistic accounts tend to focus on the ways in which the crime has been committed and how it could have been prevented. Very little has been written about the capture, possible extradition, prosecution, sentencing and incarceration of the cyber criminal -- until now.
    "Russell G. Smith, BA (honors), LLM, DipCrim (Melborne), Ph.D. (London), Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Federal Courts of Australia, is Deputy Director of Research at the Australian Institute of Criminology. He is co-author of the books ELECTRONIC THEFT: UNLAWFUL ACQUISITION IN CYBERSPACE and CRIME IN THE DIGITAL AGE.
    "Peter Grabosky, BA (Colby), MA, Ph.D. (Northwestern), FASSA, is a Professor in the Regulatory Institutions Network at the Australian National University, a former Deputy Director at the Australian Institute of Criminology, and current Deputy Secretary General of the International Society of Criminology. He is a co-author of ELECTRONIC THEFT: UNLAWFUL ACQUISITION IN CYBERSPACE and CRIME IN THE DIGITAL AGE, and co-editor of THE CAMBRIDGE HANDBOOK OF AUSTRALIAN CRIMINOLOGY.
    "Gregor Urbas, BA (Honors), LLB (Honors), Ph.D. (ANU), Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the Federal Courts of Australia, is a Lecturer in Law at the Australian National University and a former Research Analyst at the Australian Institute of Criminology. With Russell Smith, he is a co-author of CONTROLLING FRAUD ON THE INTERNET." -- Publisher
    "I am convinced that every prosecutor should read it, whether he or she is directly concerned by the issue or not, since even in cases where cybercrime is not directly involved, some techniques related to it may have been used or may have triggered off the commission of other offences." -- International Association of Prosecutors Newsletter
    "Definitely a reference book giving us a thorough analysis of cybercrime. I am convinced that every prosecutor should read it, whether he or she is directly concerned by the issue or not, since even in cases where cybercrime is not directly involved, some techniques related to it may have been used or may have triggered off the commission of other offences." -- International Association of Prosecutors

    Wall, David, Crime and the Internet, ISBN: 0415244285 9780415244282.
    "We have seen the astounding potential of the Internet as an informational tool, but we are also beginning to encounter the infinite questions it unfurls about legal issues and crimes committed with its aid. David Wall and his stellar cast of contributors address the various criminological debates that are emerging over cybercrime. Essays examine the general problem of crime and the Internet, what is understood by the term 'cybercrime', the different types of cybercrimes, and the challenges they give rise to for both criminology and the criminal justice system.
    "David Wall is the Director of the Center of Criminal Justice Studies, Department of Law at the University of Leeds." -- Publisher
    "David Wall is the preeminent cybercriminologist and he has assembled many of the world's most prolific writers on cybercrime for this book. You could not have a better line up." -- Charles Davis, University of Missouri

    Wasik, Martin, Crime and the Computer, ISBN: 0198256213 9780198256212.
    "Computer-related crime is a topic which has attracted great interest in recent years. CRIME AND THE COMPUTER examines in depth the novel issues which arise in criminal law, evidence, jurisdiction and criminology when a computer is selected as the tool or the target for crime. The author examines the international responses to computer-related crime, especially the major legislative changes made in the United States, but the main focus is upon the shortcomings of English law in this area. Crime and the Computer will provide a valuable resource for lawyers, and computing professionals and business people who require a thorough and balanced account of a pervasive problem." -- Publisher

    Wells, Joseph T., Encyclopedia of Fraud, 2005 Edition, ISBN: 9781889277370 1889277371.
    "A wealth of anti-fraud information exists today, but until now the material was scattered in thousands of sources and locales. Written for practitioners, academics and anyone with an interest in fraud, the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FRAUD, 2005 EDITION provides the user with easy access to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' vast body of fraud knowledge.
    "Organized by both topic and type of fraud scheme, users will find:
    The latest studies, surveys, publications and expert commentary in the anti-fraud field
    Biographical entries about notable fraudsters and fraud cases
    An appendix including a reference guide on where and how to find information about fraud prevention and detection
    "2005 Highlights include:
    New legislation including Check 21
    New sentencing guidelines for organizations
    New protections for whistle blowing
    New statues including aggravated identity theft
    Sarbanes-Oxley and SAS 99
    Case studies on Adelphia, Enron, Tyco, Parmalat, WorldCom and Global Crossing
    "Available in print and on CD-ROM, the Encyclopedia of Fraud, 2005 Edition is an essential reference tool for every anti-fraud professional's library.
    "Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, is the founder and Chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), and a professor of fraud examination at the University of Texas at Austin. He writes, researches, and lectures to business and professional groups on fraud-related issues and is frequently quoted in the national and international media. He has won top writing awards from both 'Internal Auditor' and the 'Journal of Accounting' magazines, and he is a winner of the Innovation in Accounting Education Award presented by the American Accounting Association. Mr. Wells is a member of both the Journal Accountancy Hall of Fame and the AICPA Hall of Fame, and for the last seven years in a row, he has been named to 'Accounting Today's list of top 100 most influential people in accounting." -- Publisher

    Woodiwiss, Michael, Gangster Capitalism: The United States and the Globalization of Organized Crime, first edition (Carroll & Graf, September 23, 2005), 256 pages, ISBN: 0786716711 9780786716715.
    "Everyone knows what organized crime is. Each year dozens of feature films, hundreds of books, and thousands of news stories explain to an eager public that organized crime is what gangsters do. Closely knit, ethnically distinct, and ruthlessly efficient, these mafias control the drugs trade, people trafficking and other serious crimes. If only states would take the threat seriously and recognize the global nature of modern organized crime, the FBI's success against the Italian mafia could be replicated throughout the world. The wicked trade in addictive drugs could be brought to a halt.
    "The trouble is, as Woodiwiss demonstrates in shocking and surprising detail, what everyone knows about organized crime is pretty much completely wrong. In reality the most important figures in organized crime are employees of multinational companies, politicians and bureaucrats. Gangsters are certainly a problem, but much of their strength comes from attempts to prohibit the market for certain drugs. Even here they are minor players when compared with the intelligence and law enforcement agencies that selectively enforce prohibition and profit from it. Woodiwiss shows how respectable businessmen and revered statesmen have seized these opportunities in an orgy of fraud and illegal violence." -- Reader's Comment

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