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In order to have "open, honest, and fair" election results in all States on November 8, 2016 (in addition to current regulations, as a minimum requirement in all states, and subject to improvements and additions), it would appear that:
1. Only paper ballots must be cast,
2. All ballots must be signed by the voter,
3. All ballots must be retained at the precinct level until election results are officially finalized, so that machine counts can be compared with paper ballots in a recount,
4. All State Election Boards must make available to the public a complete inventory, by make and model, of voting machines and scanners used during the current election,
5. Pollwatchers must record, and report to their party, the make and model of all voting machines and scanners used in their precinct,
6. Only the signed paper copy of the Statement of Results (SOR) from each precincts will be officially recognized at all levels of election boards (Local, State, and Federal),
7. Transmission of SORs electronically, in digital format over The Internet (wirelessly on the World Wide Web, digitally over phone lines, faxed, telegraphed, etc.), must be prohibited under any circumstance. Electronic transmission is considered to be the one step that is most subject to voter fraud by cyberattack,
8. And so forth, and so on. -- A social media user

In order to register to vote in this country, every single state should require proof of citizenship. -- Stephen Miller

Simple Math Shows Biden Claims 13 Million More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters who Voted in 2020 Election
"With 212 million registered voters and 66.2 percent voting, 140 million voted. Now if Trump got 74 million, that leaves only 66 million for Biden. These numbers don't add up to what we are being told. Lies and more lies!"

A bad man in a bad system is an untouchable pope simply because he is protected by the system. -- John Reisinger (1924-2018)

So, you're the President of the United States, and you just went through an election where you got more votes than any sitting President in history, by far -- and purportedly lost. You can't get "standing" before the Supreme Court, so you "intervene" with wonderful states that, after careful study and consideration, think you got "screwed," something which will hurt them also. Many others likewise join the suit but, within a flash, it is thrown out and gone, without even looking at the many reasons it was brought. A Rigged Election, fight on! -- Donald J. Trump

Congress has a 17 percent approval rating, but a 95 percent re-election rate. That's because our elected leaders can abuse their power to keep away electoral challenges, which transfers power away from citizens and into the hands of unaccountable career politicians. Won't you help us break this cycle, by signing the online petition below?

Whereas, Congress ratings are at an historic low point; and
Whereas, the American people no longer trust career politicians who run for reelection over and over again; and
Whereas, members of Congress seem to care more about pandering to campaign contributors and special interest groups than representing their constituents; and
Whereas, election rules and government power have been perverted so that it has become almost impossible for the people to vote their elected representatives out of office; and
Whereas, 82 percent of the American people support term limits; and
Whereas, Congress will not vote for an amendment to term limit itself; and
Whereas, Article V of the Constitution allows for states to bypass Congress to propose the amendment through Convention; and
Now, Therefore be it Resolved, that I do hereby support a Term Limits Convention to enact a constitutional amendment for term limits on members of the U.S. Senate and on members of The House of Representatives.
17 States Join Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Over Fraudulent Election, Jim Hoft, December 9, 2020

It looks like none of us have a President (July 2021). Congress and the courts failed to investigate credible allegations of massive election fraud, which, if found to be true, would leave Trump in office.

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Senior Google Manager Confirms Search Engine's Election Interference in Favor of Joe Biden, Joe Newby, October 20, 2020
According to Lakhkar, Google "exercises deity-like control over the information Americans receive," Veritas reported. "You're like playing selective God," he told the Veritas journalist.

Clarence Thomas Dissent in Election Cases: "Our Fellow Citizens Deserve Better"
All three dissenting justices took the unusual step of writing opinions as to why the Court should have taken at minimum two of these cases.
"The Constitution gives to each state legislature authority to determine the Manner of federal elections," began Thomas. "Yet both before and after the 2020 election, nonlegislative officials in various States took it upon themselves to set the rules instead. As a result, we received an unusually high number of petitions and emergency applications contesting those changes. The petitions here present a clear example.
"The Pennsylvania Legislature established an unambiguous deadline for receiving mail-in ballots: 8 p.m. on election day. Dissatisfied, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended that deadline by three days," Thomas explained, referring to one of the rejected cases. "These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonlegislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable.
"For more than a century, this Court has recognized that the Constitution operates as a limitation upon the State in respect of any attempt to circumscribe the legislative power to regulate federal elections," he continued, quoting Supreme Court precedent. "Because the Federal Constitution, not state constitutions, gives state legislatures authority to regulate federal elections, petitioners presented a strong argument that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision violated the Constitution by overriding the clearly expressed intent of the legislature.
"But elections enable self-governance only when they include processes that give citizens (including the losing candidates and their supporters) confidence in the fairness of the election," Thomas added, quoting a recent Supreme Court case that held, "Confidence in the integrity of our electoral processes is essential to the functioning of our participatory democracy.
"Unclear rules threaten to undermine this system. They sow confusion and ultimately dampen confidence in the integrity and fairness of elections," he explained. "To prevent confusion, we have thus repeatedly -- although not as consistently as we should -- blocked rule changes made by courts close to an election."

Clear Thinking on Elections From Clarence Thomas
"We failed to settle this dispute before the election," Thomas wrote, "and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence."

All Three of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court Appointees, Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, Joined Chief Justice John Roberts and the Three Liberal Justices in Declining to Hear Texas v. Pennsylvania.

Rush Limbaugh said it best today. The plan by the establishment was not only to try and stop Trump the last 4 years, but to try and find some way to throw him out of office and destroy his legacy. That is exactly what they are doing now. Not just because they hate Trump, but because they FEAR Trump. They are trying to destroy all the good he did the last 4 years and insure he can't come back against them in 2024. The Establishment fears him and they fear people's love and respect for him, because that stands in the way of them and their agenda.
I will not turn on President Trump. I will not speak evil against the man who worked so hard to bring us the greatest economy in the history of America. The man who fought for religious rights and freedom and who championed the cause of the unborn. I won't speak negative of the man who did more for minorities than any President in the last 50 years.
Trump has been the best president this nation has ever had policy wise, and for that, I will honor his real legacy. As far as I'm concerned, if he makes it through this witch hunt in Washington DC, and runs in 2024, I would vote for him again in a second. -- Dennis Kern

Electronic Voting by Country. Voting Rights Act Lawsuits

The Heritage Foundation's Election Fraud Database
A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases From Across the United States

The Heritage Foundation's Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country. This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list. It does not capture all cases and certainly does not capture reported instances that are not investigated or prosecuted. It is intended to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in the election system and the many ways in which fraud is committed. In addition to diluting the votes of legitimate voters, fraud can have an impact in close elections, and we have many close elections in this country. Preventing, deterring, and prosecuting election fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process. Reforms intended to ensure such integrity do not disenfranchise voters and, in fact, protect their right to vote. Winning elections leads to political power and the incentives to take advantage of security vulnerabilities are great, so it is important that we take reasonable steps to make it hard to cheat, while making it easy for legitimate voters to vote.

Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America
Voting by mail makes it easier to commit fraud, intimidate voters.
Although talk of voter fraud may be increasing because of the stakes in the 2020 election, The Heritage Foundation's Election Fraud Database has been around for four years. With the addition of our latest batch of cases, we are up to 1,285 proven instances of voter fraud.

Proof of Fraudulent Election: Trump won More Blacks, Latinos, AND WOMEN and a Sizable Shift to Trump by Immigrant Populations in 2020 Election -- But Beijing Biden won? Jim Hoft, May 11, 2021

Voter Fraud is Real. Here's The Proof, John Gibbs, October 13, 2016
Data suggests millions of voter registrations are fraudulent or invalid. That's enough to tip an election, easily.

U.S. has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults -- A red Flag for Electoral Fraud
According to a new study of U.S. Census data, America has more registered voters than actual live voters. It's a troubling fact that puts our nation's future in peril.
The data come from Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project. The group looked at data from 2011 to 2015 produced by the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, along with data from the federal Election Assistance Commission.
As reported by the National Review's Deroy Murdock, who did some numbers-crunching of his own, "some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America's adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud."
Murdock counted Judicial Watch's state-by-state tally and found that 462 U.S. counties had a registration rate exceeding 100 percent of all eligible voters. That's 3.552 million people, who Murdock calls "ghost voters." And how many people is that? There are 21 states that don't have that many people.
Nor are these tiny, rural counties or places that don't have the wherewithal to police their voter rolls.
California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters. Perhaps not surprisingly -- it is deep-Blue State California, after all -- 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.
Los Angeles County, whose more than 10 million people make it the nation's most populous county, had 12 percent more registered voters than live ones, some 707,475 votes. That's a huge number of possible votes in an election.
But, Murdock notes, "California's San Diego County earns the enchilada grande. Its 138 percent registration translates into 810,966 ghost voters."
State by state, this is an enormous problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. Having so many bogus voters out there is a temptation to voter fraud. In California, where Hillary Clinton racked up a massive majority over Trump, it would have made little difference.
But in other states, and in smaller elections, voter fraud could easily turn elections. A hundred votes here, a hundred votes there, and things could be very different. As a Wikipedia list of close elections shows, since just 2000 there have been literally dozens of elections at the state, local and federal level decided by 100 votes or fewer.
And, in at least two nationally important elections in recent memory, the outcome was decided by a paper-thin margin: In 2000, President Bush beat environmental activist and former Vice President Al Gore by just 538 votes.
Senator Al Franken, the Minnesota Democrat, won his seat by beating incumbent Senator Norm Coleman in 2008. Coleman was initially declared the winner the day after the election, with a 726-vote lead over Franken. But after a controversial series of recounts and ballot disqualifications, Franken emerged weeks later with a 225-seat victory.
Franken's win was enormous, since it gave Democrats filibuster-proof control of the Senate. So, yes, small vote totals matter.
We're not saying here that Franken cheated, nor, for that matter, that Bush did. But small numbers can have an enormous impact on our nation's governance. The 3.5 million possible fraudulent ballots that exist are a problem that deserves serious immediate attention. Nothing really hinges on it, of course, except the integrity and honesty of our democratic elections.

Number of Registered Voters by State 2020
When we add up the number of registered voters we obtain 213.8 million registered voters in the US as of this morning.

Growing Pile of Data Shows That Voter Fraud is a Real and Vast Problem
Voter fraud is real, ongoing, and not limited to a particular state or region.

Veteran Hollywood star Jon Voight said of Donald Trump, "This is a man who took on evil." Similar is the true story of Frank Serpico, SERPICO, a NYPD officer's crusade against police corruption. One of Serpico's conclusions: Whenever corruption occurs, it is because leadership permits it to occur. Usurpers (The Radical Left, The "Progressives," The Swamp, RHINOS), hold to power by offering leniency (protection) to evil factors in society. This is true in all spheres -- family, church, state, business, academia, and so forth.
The 1960s was a time of social and generational upheaval felt with particular intensity in the melting pot of New York City. A culture of corruption pervaded the New York Police Department, where payoffs, protection, and shakedowns of gambling rackets and drug dealers were common practice. The so-called blue code of silence protected the minority of crooked cops from the sanction of the majority.
Into this maelstrom came a working class, Brooklyn-born, Italian cop with long hair, a beard, and a taste for opera and ballet. Frank Serpico was a man who couldn't be silenced -- or bought -- and he refused to go along with the system. He had sworn an oath to uphold the law, even if the perpetrators happened to be other cops. For this unwavering commitment to justice, Serpico nearly paid with his life.
Peter Maas's is the author of the number one New York Times bestseller UNDERBOSS. His other notable bestsellers include THE VALACHI PAPERS, SERPICO, MANHUNT, and IN A CHILD'S NAME. He lives in New York City." -- Publisher
Serpico, the movie (1973), a DVD
Acting as a lone force of integrity against the tidal wave of corruption plaguing the NYPD of the 1960s and early 1970s, policeman (and later detective) Frank Serpico caused a national furor and placed his own life in jeopardy just for wanting to work as "an honest cop." -- Publisher

Armstrong, Sarah, Voter Fraud, ISBN: 9780737773705 0737773707 9780737773712 0737773715.
A collection of essays.
"These books provide a range of opinions on a social issue; each volume [of the series] focuses on a specific issue and offers a variety of perspectives, e.g., eyewitness accounts, governmental views, scientific analysis, newspaper accounts, to illuminate the issue. Greenhaven Press's At Issue series provides a wide range of opinions on individual social issues. Enhancing critical thinking skills, each At Issue volume is an excellent research tool to help readers understand current social issues and prepare reports." -- Publisher

Berlinski, David, The Advent of the Algorithm: The Idea That Rules the World, ISBN: 0151003386 9780151003389.
"Here is the story of the search for and eventual discovery of the algorithm, the set of instructions that drives computers. An idea as simple as the first recipe and as elusive as the quark or the gluon, the algorithm was discovered by a succession of logicians and mathematicians working alone and in obscurity during the first half of the twentieth century." -- Publisher

Brink, Ben, The Dead Always Vote Democrat: But our Troops Don't get to Vote, ISBN: 9780988271425 0988271427.
"Democrats claim there is no voter fraud to stop. That's because it is a key tactic of their ground game. Vote early, vote often, and the dead vote twice. Then send the military ballots late. But there is hope, despite aggressive Obama Department of Justice harassment. States are winning in court and implementing effective voter ID laws to purge dead, duplicate, and illegals from their voter rolls. New legislation helps overseas military to vote. But citizens are still needed to monitor elections for a fair and fraud-free election this November 2012." -- Publisher "This book gave a comprehensive review of vote fraud practices across the country. This made for scary reading especially for those thinking the US elections are free and fair. It was also heartbreaking to read of the ways the troops have been denied a voice.
"The pace and style of the writing were entertaining and enlightening. The author states he has links to the Republican party so I am sure some Democrats would object to some of the sentiment but as a review of how election results can be manipulated, it went way beyond voter ID issues.
"Over all well worth reading especially if you're not sure if there is a need for voter ID or other measures to ensure election results are a true reflection of the wishes of the people." -- Reader's Comment

Campbell, Tracy, Deliver the Vote: A History of Election Fraud, an American Political Tradition, 1742-2004, ISBN: 9780786715916 078671591X 9780786718436 0786718439.
"If elections are the lifeblood of a democracy, then we have an ailing body politic. From ballot stuffing and intimidating voters, to buying votes, suppressing turnout and manipulating returns, DELIVER THE VOTE is an intensive examination into the hidden interiors of American politics that casts a provocative new light on how power in America is often obtained. Drawing on hundreds of elections from the colonial era to the 2004 election, historian Tracy Campbell reveals how a long-standing culture of corruption is alive and well in local, state, and national elections. Among those whose stories are central to this book are Boss Tweed, William Randolph Hearst, Huey Long, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter, as well as countless local and state politicians of every stripe. Combining social and political history in a vivid narrative, DELIVER THE VOTE reveals how fraud has been a persistent and corrosive presence in American history, and is not confined to one party, location, or time period. Campbell explores every major reform to cleanse fraud and corruption -- paper ballots, the secret ballot, or voting machines -- and explains how they have only changed the way the game is played, sadly showing how American elections have never been in order." -- Publisher

*D'Souza, Dinesh, and Catherine Engelbrecht, 2,000 Mules, a DVD and movie.
"Highly respected Dinesh D'Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, 2,000 Mules, that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the 'most secure election in history.' It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before -- and it's all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed." -- President Donald Trump

*Dill, David, William Gazecki, G. Edward Griffin, Aviel D. Rubin, and American Media, Invisible Ballots: A Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud, ISBN: 0912986425 9780912986425.
"Governments are installing computerized voting systems with no paper record to verify accuracy. Elections will be controlled by companies that do not allow voters to inspect their software. If vote counting becomes privatized, there may be no way to get it back." -- Publisher

Doyle, Charles; Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service, Cybercrime: An Overview of the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Statute and Related Federal Criminal Laws.
The CRS report homepage provides access to all versions published since 2018 in accordance with P.L. 115-141; earliest version dated 2014.
Continually Updated Resource

Eggers, Eric, Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, ISBN: 9781621577959 1621577953,
"From the investigative team that produced Clinton Cash, Fraud busts open the ballot box to expose the felons, illegal immigrants, and even corpses that fraudulently foil America's chances for honest election outcomes. Which members of Congress actually lost their races? Which counties have registered voters listed as over 200 years old? Where in America are over 100 percent of an area's voters registered to vote? With exclusive interviews with whistle-blowers who have seen the fraud first-hand and backed by state of the art forensic tools and elite investigative acumen, Fraud analyzes the voter rolls to name names and show, in historic detail, how the numbers just don't add up." -- Publisher
Eric Eggers: November Midterms 'Poised for a Tsunami of Voter Fraud'
"The Government Accountability Institute's (GAI) Eric Eggers, author of FRAUD: HOW THE LEFT PLANS TO STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION, warned of a potential 'tsunami of voter fraud' within November's forthcoming midterm elections. Eggers pointed to narrow electoral margins of victory in Tuesday's elections as evidence of vulnerability to the threat of voter fraud."

Fund, John H., Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens our Democracy, ISBN: 1594030715 9781594030710 1594030618 9781594030611.

*Hasen, Richard L., Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown, ISBN: 9780300184211 0300184212.
"Richard L. Hasen, THE VOTING WARS: FROM FLORIDA 2000 TO THE NEXT ELECTION MELTDOWN, looking at these questions: How did we get here? Why haven't things improved since 2000? How has the rise of the Internet and social media made the potential for a catastrophic electoral meltdown much worse? . . . . The public is hearing a lot of information and misinformation now about states adopting new, tough voter identification wars. THE FRAUDULENT FRAUD SQUAD: UNDERSTANDING THE BATTLE OVER VOTER ID presents an excerpt from THE VOTING WARS for readers who want to get an immediate handle on the partisan fight over these controversial new voting requirements. Are they really needed to prevent fraud? Will they suppress the votes of thousands of Democratic voters? The answers might surprise you." -- Publisher

Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service, 2021 Government Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Study, a website.
"At the level of state and local government, a staff's ability to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse is largely dependent upon the resources available to them. In the year 2020, those resources were stretched to the limit when more than $4 trillion in federal and state COVID-19 relief funds had to be distributed in record time -- an effort that may continue well into 2021.
"Do government officials have the resources they need to combat fraudsters intent on exploiting COVID-19 relief programs? And are they able to stay on top of their other responsibilities as well?"

Miller, Zell, National Party no More, ISBN: 0974537616 9780974537610.
"With intelligence and pulling no punches the former Marine Sargent, Lieutenant Governor, Governor and Senator tells the story. In 2003 he wrote this book and one can't help but feel he did it with a certain amount of hope that it wasn't all over . . . is it? For now the Democrat party is basically the left wing of American politics replacing the Socialist party in all but name . . . not the party it once was." -- Reader's Comment

Norman, Adrian, The art of the Steal: Exposing Fraud and Vulnerabilities in America's Elections, ISBN: 9781641842532 1641842539.
"The issue of election fraud remains as contentious as it is relevant. Perhaps you have heard that it isn't happening, or maybe you believe that its existence is undeniable. As a writer who isn't afraid to tackle tough issues, Adrian Norman decided to take on the task of investigating election fraud. While many are aware of reporting that shows limited instances of it, the question of how pervasive it is still needed to be answered. This book provides those answers in no uncertain terms. THE ART OF THE STEAL takes a robust look at this subject, giving readers a clear picture of the true nature of America's election architecture. This book addresses the most controversial issues surrounding elections and voter fraud, including ballot harvesting, foreigners voting in U.S. elections, voter identification, voter suppression, and much more. Whether you're a policy maker, an elections worker or an ordinary citizen who simply wants their vote to count, this book is an absolute must-read. Adrian Norman exposes how the crusade to grow government and stifle freedom is often achieved without popular support. THE ART OF THE STEAL explains in great detail how the left relies on a win-at-all-costs election strategy rooted in fallacies and fraud to force its agenda on America -- seizing power in a mockery of election laws. From vote harvesting to raising dead voters to outright graft and more, this book exposes a terrifying and two-faced assault on democracy." -- Publisher

O'Keefe, James, American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News, ISBN: 1250154642 9781250154644.
"The one real difference between the American press and the Soviet state newspaper Pravda was that the Russian people knew they were being lied to. To expose the lies our media tell us today, controversial journalist James O'Keefe created Project Veritas, an independent news organization whose reporters go where traditional journalists dare not. Their investigative work -- equal parts James Bond, Mike Wallace, and Saul Alinsky has had a consistent and powerful impact on its targets.
"In AMERICAN PRAVDA, the reader is invited to go undercover with these intrepid journalists as they infiltrate political campaigns, unmask dishonest officials and expose voter fraud. A rollicking adventure story on one level, the book also serves as a treatise on modern media, arguing that establishment journalists have a vested interest in keeping the powerful comfortable and the people misinformed.
"The book not only contests the false narratives frequently put forth by corporate media, it documents the consequences of telling the truth in a world that does not necessarily want to hear it. O'Keefe's enemies attack with lawsuits, smear campaigns, political prosecutions, and false charges in an effort to shut down Project Veritas. For O'Keefe, every one of these attacks is a sign of success.
"AMERICAN PRAVDA puts the myths and misconceptions surrounding O'Keefe's activities to rest and will make you rethink every word you hear and read in the so-called mainstream press." -- Publisher
"James O'Keefe is an award-winning journalist and the author of the New York Times bestseller BREAKTHROUGH. He is the founder and President of Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action, non-profit organizations dedicated to investigating corruption, dishonesty, waste and fraud in both public and private institutions. O'Keefe's investigations have led directly to the passage of new legislation, federal and state investigations, congressional inquiries, the defunding of taxpayer-funded groups, resignations, firings, restrainings and arrests." -- Publisher

O'Keefe, James, Breakthrough: Our Guerilla war to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy, ISBN: 9781476706177 1476706174.
"Breakthrough should be read by every aspiring journalist . . . If you are concerned with media freedom, this 'breakthrough' will shock and inspire you." -- The Washington Times
"In 320 gripping pages, 28-year-old O'Keefe describes being thrust under the national microscope . . . O'Keefe's book-which serves simultaneously as a memoir, a manifesto, a tell-all and an activist handbook -- the reader watches a young man grow up, wise up, and toughen up." -- Chris Moody, Yahoo News
"Code Veritas: James O'Keefe is back . . . This intellectual heir to Andrew Breitbart has produced a devastating attack on the smeary leftist establishment." -- Roger Kimball, editor-in-chief of The New Criterion and publisher of Encounter Books
"I'd say this is a grand slam home run." -- Rush Limbaugh, on the NPR investigation
"He is already well on his way to being one of the great journalists and deserves a Pulitzer." -- Andrew Breitbart, "What the Right and the Left are saying about James O'Keefe"

Reichel, Philip L., Global Crime: An Encyclopedia of Cyber Theft, Weapons Sales, and Other Illegal Activities, ISBN: 9781440860140 1440860149 9781440860164 1440860165 9781440860171 1440860173.
"This book is a resource for understanding cyber theft, drug trafficking, human smuggling, identity theft, wildlife poaching, and sex tourism. It discusses how technology, governments, political unrest, war, and economic strife contribute to an increase in global crime, and covers people, events, organizations and key documents to help readers understand the numerous problems created by the transnational crimes that are growing in severity and frequency around the world." -- Publisher

Root, Wayne Allyn, Trump Rules: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Winner, ISBN: 9781630061111 1630061115 9781952106668 1952106664. Alternate title: TRUMP RULES: LEARN THE TRUMP RULES AND TOOLS OF MEGA SUCCESS AND WEALTH FROM THE GREATEST WARRIOR AND WINNER IN HISTORY!
"Contents: Introduction; Trump is Aspirational; Trump is Relentless; Trump is Unafraid of Failure; Trump has Boundless Energy; Trump Understand 'The Ego Rules;' Trump can Back up What he Brags About; Trump is a Risktaker; Trump Always has a Plan; Trump is Flexible; Trumps is a Salesperson; Trump Surrounds Himself With Competency; Trump's Addictions are Positive Addictions; Trump Understands Leadership is a Personal Responsibility; Trump is a Pragmatist; Trump Dominates the Opposition."
"The book 'identifies the top 10 rules that made former President Donald Trump one of the greatest winners in world history in business, branding, real estate, celebrity, television, publishing, and politics. Trump is the only person in world history to reach the pinnacle of all of those fields. And the only person to become both a billionaire and president of the United States. It's not a bad resume.'
"Many critics think Trump's winning streak ended with a presidential loss. I disagree. I know the man. I understand the man. I know what comes next. It may be Trump's greatest chapter yet.
"Simply because Trump is relentless. He may be the most relentless human in world history. The secret to Trump's success is 'the art of the comeback.' Every time he is given up for dead, he makes the biggest comeback yet. He never gives up or gives in. He finds a way to turn lemons into lemonade. You can't beat someone like that. You can't bet against someone like that. As I always say, NBAT: Never Bet Against Trump.
"Before I get to the details of the comeback, let's define 'winning.' Trump's critics think he just lost and, therefore, he's no longer a winner. Not true. Back in 2016, Trump won the biggest upset in political history. This time around, he added 11 million new votes. His 74 million votes were the most votes for any incumbent president in America's history. Trump also received more votes than any Republican in history.
"Sorry, Trump haters, but that's called 'winning' at superhuman levels." -- Townhall.com Review

*Sirota, David, Hostile Takeover: How big Money and Corruption Conquered our Government -- And how we Take it Back, ISBN: 0307237346.
"Do you ever wonder if there's a connection between the corruption scandals in the news and the steady decline in the quality of life for millions of Americans?
"Do you ever wonder what corporations get for the millions of dollars they pour into the American political system?
"Do you ever think the government has been hijacked by forces hostile to average Americans?
"Do you ever want to fight back?
"Millions of Americans lack health care and millions more struggle to afford it. Politicians claim they care, then pass legislation that just sends more cash to the HMOs. Wages have been stagnant for thirty years, even as corporate profits skyrocket. Politicians say they want to fix the problem and then pass bills written by lobbyists that drive wages even lower and punish those crushed by debt. Jobs are being shipped overseas, pensions are being cut, and energy is becoming unaffordable. And our government, more concerned about maintaining its corporate sponsorship than protecting its citizens, does nothing about it.
"In HOSTILE TAKEOVER, David Sirota, a major new voice in American politics, seeks to open the eyes of ordinary Americans to the fact that corporate interests have undermined democracy, aided and abetted by their lackeys in our allegedly representative government. At a time when more and more of America's major political leaders are being indicted or investigated for corruption, Sirota takes readers on a journey that shows how all of this nefarious behavior happened right under our noses -- and how the high-profile scandals are merely one product of a political system and debate wholly owned by Big Money interests. Sirota considers major public issues that feel intractable -- like spiraling health care costs, the outsourcing of jobs, the inequities of the tax code, and out-of-control energy prices -- and shows how in each case workable solutions are buried under the lies of lobbyists, the influence of campaign cash, and the ubiquitous spin machine financed by Big Business.
"With fiery passion, pinpoint wit, and lucid analysis, HOSTILE TAKEOVER reveals the true enemies of reform and their increasingly sophisticated -- and hostile -- tactics. It's an essential guidebook for those of us tired of the government selling us out -- and determined to take our country back.
"David Sirota is a campaign strategist, political operative, and writer. Sirota has served as the press secretary for Independent Representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont and was recently a senior strategist for Brian Schweitzer, Montana's first Democratic governor in sixteen years. He is a senior editor at In These Times, a regular contributor to The Nation, the blogger for Working Assets, and a twice-weekly guest on the Al Franken Show. Sirota is also the co-chairperson of the Progressive Legislative Action Network. He lives in Helena, Montana, with his wife." -- Publisher
"A summary of Sirota's book would point out that millions lack health care, and even more struggle to afford it. Politicians claim they care, then pass legislation that provides more profits for drug companies and insurers. At the same time, inflation-adjusted wages have been largely stagnant, while corporate profits have skyrocketed. In this instance, politicians 'help out' by further depressing wages by continuing to allow millions of illegal and temporary legal immigrants into the U.S., and additional millions of jobs outsourced overseas. Despite an obvious need for energy conservation, our government takes its lead from V.P. Dick Cheney and does nothing. Welcome to today's world of lobbyists', lies, and legislation for sale.
"The 'really bad news' is that they're not satisfied. Possible future legislation includes a flat income tax (a huge tax cut for the wealthy, and a huge tax increase for everyone else -- per Reagan's '82 Treasury Department), permanent elimination of the estate tax (only 2 percent were paying, and half the receipts came from the top .1 percent with estates over $5 million), and reducing corporate taxes from their 35 percent level -- 'fourth highest' in the industrialized world (a '04 GAO report concluded that 94 percent paid less than 5 percent, and that 60,000 government contractors owed $6 billion in unpaid taxes), more personal tax cuts (to justify further cuts in veterans' healthcare, inadequate/non-funding of Army armor and New Orleans' levees -- the pre-Katrina official protesting the latter was immediately fired).
"Not upset yet -- read on. USA Today reported in late '05 that while the 60 worst performing companies in America lost 4769 billion in market value in the prior five years, their top five executives were paid an average of $8 million/year. Meanwhile, University of California researchers in '04 found that jobs in the bottom third of the pay scale were growing almost twice as fast as those in the middle.
"HOSTILE TAKEOVER also puts to rest the myth of 'free' trade. Provisions include insuring U.S. access to potentially hepatitis-carrying Mexican vegetables and Canadian beef with mad-cow disease, while banning importation of cheaper drugs and limiting other nations' ability to produce generic medicines. In '01, economists estimated that three-fourths of U.S. workers lost about 12 percent of current wages because of trade deals. At least we still have some -- the New York Times reported the loss of over 2 million manufacturing jobs between '01 -- '04, while Gartner Research estimated over 30 percent of high-tech jobs could be shipped overseas by '15 and University of California researchers estimated up to 14 million jobs are now at risk of outsourcing.
"There's more: Harvard researchers found that 90 percent of personal bankruptcies were due to illness, medical bills, job loss, death in the family, and/or divorce. Meanwhile, the Kauffman Foundation's '05 study concluded that 20 percent of recent bankrupts had been operating a small business. No matter -- the myth of deadbeat debtors ruining credit card companies persists, and Congress recently made personal bankruptcy laws much tougher.
"At least we can count on retirement -- not! In '02 AP reported that 8 million workers saw their retirement plans converted to 'cash balance' payouts only -- a loss of up to $200 million, according to government sources. As for Social Security, a top University of Chicago economist estimates Wall St. would make $400 billion -- $1 trillion in fees under the Bush privatization plan. No matter you say -- Chile and Galveston, Texas have proven the concept's superiority. Unfortunately, the World Bank found that up to one-third of Chileans' retirement money went to fees (the public version went bankrupt -- hence, no comparisons are available), and several government reports have concluded that many/most/all Galveston employees will receive LESS than they would have from Social Security.
"Well, at least some of us have our health. Hopefully the growing number without health insurance will not get sick; as for universal governmental coverage -- private insurance made over $10 billion in '03, with top executives raking in $85 million each. As for the innovative drugs many can't afford because of high prices 'required for research' -- the former New England Journal of Medicine's editor states that they 'come almost entirely from publicly funded research done in government and university labs." Further evidence: Princeton's Uwe Reinhardt says that 'R&D spending (as a percentage of drug industry revenues), is equal or higher in Europe (with price controls), as here' -- specifically, 20 percent in Britain, vs. 14 percent in the U.S.
"Finally, 'fuel efficiency kills people,' or so opponents say. On the other hand, University of Michigan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers and a government panel all have concluded that cars can be made as safe/safer than most SUVs, and especially better than most pickups.
"Truly an encyclopedic work documenting how business has stolen and perverted American democracy. While Sirota offers specific recommendations in each area, the biggest problem involves providing a means for voters to see through all the lies and misstatements. Publicly funded elections may be the answer." -- Reader's Comment

Computer Crime and Vote Fraud

The election process is controlled by politicians who change it continuously. Therefore the process is highly susceptible to corruption. Search Worldcat.org for "political corruption" (72,204 results as of June 2015), then consider the probability of election fraud in the United States going back for decades and decades. It also seems highly probably that the Mainstream News Media and the "fact checkers" are lying to the nation -- fake news "piled higher and deeper." It all does not "ring true" against the backdrop of the history of Washington politics. The Swamp panics when the subject turns to Truth and Falsehood.
Computers can be programmed to do anything -- honest or dishonest. There are such a things as unauthorized software changes, invisible coding, modems, hacking, and human depravity -- tyrants attempt to usurp political power. As long as "politicians" control the election process there will be vote fraud. . . . What follows is only the "tip of the iceberg."

We are an illiterate nation, certainly we are illiterate spiritually and economically. But I sense that computer illiteracy is also an eminent threat to our nation. Most individuals are not aware of the reality of the cybercrime of the 2020 Presidential Election, which could be a sign of things to come. People do not seem to be aware that powerful software is capable of changing the economic and political landscape.

The compiler was a Republican poll watcher in the 2016 Presidential Election. The experience left little doubt that many Democrats have been swept into office by vote fraud. -- The compiler

Mankind is totally depraved, so we are constantly flooded with misinformation from finite minds. Now we are also being "snowed" by the diffusion of misinformation into software programs, artificial Intelligence, algorithms, and so forth, and so on. Computer forensics is probably very complex and time consuming, but there seems to be an alternate avenue of enforcement, that being the truthfulness of the mind of the software engineer. High-tech polygraph testing of software engineers might be used to determine whether or not the software is designed for ethical or unethical purposes.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to secure an Internet election.

22 Signs of a Fraudulent Election

America's Electronic Voting Machines are Scarily Easy Targets

The big List of Voter Fraud

Code of Ethics for United States Government Service
"President George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12674 on April 12, 1989, setting out the following fourteen basic principles of ethical conduct for executive branch personnel: . . .
"11. Employees shall disclose waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption to appropriate authorities. . . ."
The Overarching Rules of Ethical Conduct
"In addition to the above 14 rules of conduct for executive branch employees, Congress, on June 27, 1980, unanimously passed a law establishing the following general Code of Ethics for Government Service. Signed by President Jimmy Carter on July 3, 1980, Public Law 96-303 requires that, 'Any person in Government service should:
'Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to persons, party, or Government department.
'Uphold the Constitution, laws, and regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion. . . .
'Expose corruption wherever discovered.
'Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust'."

Dominion Voting Machines Manipulate Votes. Analysis Shows Millions of Votes Switched From President Trump to Biden "Broken link. Go to thegatewaypundit.com and search for title.

Dominion Voting Systems CEO Caught in Major lie on '60 Minutes'
"Poulos told a disinterested and gullible Anderson Cooper that Dominion machines cannot switch votes. . . .
"Apparently, Anderson Cooper did not do his homework or he would have known Poulos is lying in a quick online search.
"There is video of 19,958 votes switched on election night from President Trump to Joe Biden in Pennsylvania."

Dominion Voting Systems Company
"Dominion was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada, by John Poulos and James Hoover. . .
"A Dominion ImageCast precinct-count optical-scan voting machine, mounted on a collapsible ballot box made by ElectionSource.
"In May 2010, Dominion acquired Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems) from Election Systems and Software (ES&S). ES&S had just acquired PES from Diebold and was required to sell off PES by the United States Department of Justice for anti-trust concerns.
"In June 2010, Dominion acquired Sequoia Voting Systems."

Dominion-Smartmatic, William F. Jasper
"The foreign and domestic ties that two voting-machine companies have had lead to the conclusion that the machines could be, and were, used for election fraud in 2020.
"Two companies that were barely known a few months ago are now household names, the subjects of charges and countercharges, headline stories, and multiple lawsuits. Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic Corp. have been at the center of a slew of claims of vote fraud, vote theft, ballot manipulation, political bias, and entangling relations with foreign regimes hostile to the United States, including China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. There is a great deal of confusion about the two companies, which is completely understandable since they have a tangled and confusing history together and both companies have issued statements that critics across the political spectrum have charged are obfuscations or outright lies."

Election Night Gatekeepers
"VoteFraud.org -- the FIRST website erected on the Internet in March of 1996 to expose the Election Integrity / Computerized Vote Scam."

Elliot Crown -- It is Possible Software Stole Votes in all 'Hillary won' Counties

Ethical Algorithm Design Should Guide Technology Regulation, Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth, January 13, 2020
"We propose that more systematic, ongoing, and legal ways of auditing algorithms are needed. Regulating algorithms is different and more complicated than regulating human decision-making. It should be based on what we have come to call ethical algorithm design,[3] which is now being conducted by a community of hundreds of researchers. Ethical algorithm design begins with a precise understanding of what kinds of behaviors we want algorithms to avoid (so that we know what to audit for), and proceeds to design and deploy algorithms that avoid those behaviors (so that auditing does not simply become a game of whack-a-mole)."

The fix is in! 16 States Will use Voting Systems run by Soros Board Member, Breaking News by Truth Feed News, October 16, 2016
"We've just learned that Hillary is tied to the one company that has the power to sway this entire election -- Smartmatic. Smartmatic's Voting Machines Will be Used in These 16 Crucial States: Arizona | California | Colorado | District of Columbia | Florida | Illinois | Louisiana | Michigan | Missouri | New Jersey | Nevada | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin
"These machines are just like any other machine; they'll do whatever they are programmed to do; this gives the manufacturers some AWESOME power. These machines can be programmed to cast your vote for Hillary, regardless of which candidate you actually select." http://truthfeed.com/breaking-the-fix-is-in-16-states-will-use-voting-systems-run-by-soros-board-member/29891/

Google's Algorithm can Sway Undecided Voters by More Than 20 percent, December 23, 2015
"Manipulating search engine results can sway undecided voters by 20 percent or more, according to a study from Robert Epstein and Ronald E. Roberston at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. . . .
"The results of these experiments demonstrate that (i) biased search rankings can shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more, (ii) the shift can be much higher in some demographic groups, and (iii) search ranking bias can be masked so that people show no awareness of the manipulation... Given that many elections are won by small margins, our results suggest that a search engine company has the power to influence the results of a substantial number of elections with impunity. "The researchers also found that search engines' influence on voter decisions would be greatest in 'countries dominated by a single search engine company' -- like, say, the United States, where two out of three searches are performed via Google."

Host L. Todd Wood and Russell Ramsland Reveal The Mechanics Behind The Electronic Vote Steal
This is BIG!!! And, if proven, should invalidate the November 3, 2020 Presidential election. It appears that the video is being suppressed and repressed, a significant fact, in my opinion. If this link fails later on, then search the title in various search engines to find a copy that is still complete.
"Some of the employees of the security firm that gathered the data are professionals, and experts whom are disenchanted former employees of the Federal Government reminiscent of Edward Snowden and others.
"Computer science is pushing ahead rapidly. It seems that now the only fair election process is photo IDs, paper ballots cast in person by election day (except absentee and military) and all votes counted and reported manually. A highly significant video, in my opinion. . . ."

How to Report Voter Fraud

Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient. Evidence That America's Voter Registration System Needs an Upgrade

Interview With Source on Electronic Vote Fraud
"All voters should be concerned about how vulnerable our election system is. We need to contact our state reps and demand improvements. We should all be able to get a copy of how we voted and be able to go online to see exactly who and what we voted for to confirm that our votes were counted correctly. Otherwise, anyone's vote can be changed by hackers once the votes are uploaded. Even though we don't vote online, the votes can be manipulated after the fact through software."

Joe diGenova Discusses the Latest on Trump Campaign Lawsuits
"DiGenova is the gold standard for integrity. It's good to put these comments into your pool of information on the Election."

Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections, J. Christian Adams November 7, 2016
"The billionaire and convicted felon moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats."

Lindell, Mike, Absolute Interference, (part 1 of 2)

Lindell, Mike, Absolute Interference, (part 2 of 2)
"New 2020 voter fraud documentary by Mike Lindell."
Does anyone doubt that Biden is China's choice of POTUS? And that his policies and actions are a downward spiral into Communism?
"Absolutely proves the 2020 election was the biggest cybercrime in world history. . . ."
"It will show in a very granular way how the 2020 Election was hacked by foreign powers. This played a huge role in stealing the Election from President Donald Trump. Not only that, but there were many other down ballot candidates robbed of their seat, too, in this fraud. It is simply the biggest election hack in the history of America." -- Publisher
This is what I have been waiting for. It is my opinion that the full documentary series and updates are a must watch.
Frank Speech
Lindell TV

Lindell TV, New Project Veritas Video: Voter Fraud in Ilhan Omar's District, Other Voting Fraud

List of Electronic Voting Machines in New York State
Most are Dominion Voting System machines.

Loose Change -- Voting Hanky-Panky, a DVD
A video moderated by Edward Griffin that may be viewed online.
"Governments are installing computerized voting systems with no paper record to verify accuracy. Elections will be controlled by companies . . . that do not allow voters to inspect their software. If vote counting becomes privatized, there may be no way to get it back. Hightech vote fraud is already a reality [for example, the South Dakota vote on the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law]. If you value your vote, you must get this information to your friends -- and fast!"

Managing the Ethics of Algorithms

Modems Discovered in North Carolina Election Machines, April 12, 2021

Nearly 250 Counties Across the US Have More Registered Voters Than Eligible Voters, audio file

New Report Exposes Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2016 Election, July 28, 2017
"The Government Accountability Institute concluded in its report that thousands of votes in the 2016 election were illegal duplicate votes.
"The Institute points out that the quality of the voter registration data in some states is very poor, with missing and obviously incorrect information.
"We have serious, substantive problems in our voter registration system across the country and that voter fraud is, without a doubt, real."

O'Keefe, James, Rigging the Election -- Video II: Mass Voter Fraud
"In the second video of James O'Keefe's new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to. . . ."

Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections via Vote Counting Machines

Revealed: Company that Supplied Voting Machines to 22 States Donated to Clinton Foundation
"No wonder they're so confident!
"Guest post by Joe Hoft. Dominion Voting brags on its homepage that 'Together with our customers, we strive to change elections for the better!'
"This vision becomes suspect once a user knows that the company donated money to the Clinton Foundation."

Rigging the Election -- Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History, Lindell-TV, 15 September, 2022

[S]election Code, a movie, a DVD.
"Was 2020 stolen? It's deeper than that.
"You've heard it said 'Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.'
"What about those who code the vote?
"What if our leaders aren't actually being elected by us, but instead -- selected?
"[S]ELECTION CODE follows the story of Tina Peters the County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, who made a backup of her counties Dominion Voting System server, only to stumble across evidence of manipulation in a recent local city council election and also the 2020 general election. Tina's discovery ignites a chain reaction upending her life. And upending the world.
"You will not be able to unsee what you see.
"We stand at an apex in human history. Are we handing too much power to technology and those that program it?
"[S]ELECTION CODE is a political thriller uncovering a secret so critical to the survival of America it transcends political parties. It is not about correcting the past. It's about correcting the future.
"Once you see [S]ELECTION CODE you'll never again let a machine near your vote." -- Publisher

Soros-connected Company has Provided Voting Technology in 16 States, David Krayden
"Smartmatic, a U.K.-based voting technology company with deep ties to George Soros, has provided voting technology in 16 states including battleground zones like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Other jurisdictions affected are California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.
"Its website includes a flow-chart that describes how the company has contributed to elections in the U.S. from 2006-2015 with '57,000 voting and counting machines deployed' and '35 million voters assisted.'
"After this report's publication, Smartmatic updated its website to remove the flow chart and declare that 'Smartmatic will not be deploying its technology in any U.S. county for the upcoming 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.'
"In 2005, Smartmatic bought-out California-based Sequoia Voting Systems and entered the world of U.S. elections.
"According to Smartmatic's website, 'In less than one year Smartmatic tripled Sequoia's market share' and 'has offered technology and support services to the Electoral Commissions of 307 counties in 16 States.'
"In 2007, Smartmatic announced the sale of Sequoia 'given the difficult climate in the United States marketplace, tainted by a non-stop debate against foreign investment, especially in the election technology area.'
"Among the 'case studies' that Smartmatic lists on its website as examples of its work are Venezuela, where it has been facilitating elections since 2004 when it 'won a bid to provide Venezuela with a reliable voting system'."

The Steal of the 2022 Midterms
Mike Lindell

Study: 1.8 Million Dead People Still Registered to Vote, February 14, 2012

*Techno-authoritarianism, Totalitarian Paranoia

*Techno-Authoritarianism is Here to Stay: China and the Deep State Have Joined Forces, John Whitehead, President at The Rutherford Institute, November 16, 2022

If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back. -- Senator Frank Church
"The votes are in.
"No matter who runs for office, no matter who controls the White House, Senate, or the House of Representatives, now or in the future, 'we the people' have already lost.
"We have lost because the future of this nation is being forged beyond the reach of our laws, elections, and borders by techno-authoritarian powers with no regard for individuality, privacy or freedom.
"The fate of America is being made in China, our role model for all things dysphoria.
"An economic and political powerhouse that owns more of America's debt than any other country and is buying up American businesses across the spectrum, China is a vicious totalitarian regime that routinely employs censorship, surveillance, and brutal police state tactics to intimidate its populace, maintain its power, and expand the largess of its corporate elite.
"Where China goes, the United States eventually follows. This way lies outright tyranny."

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits it Installed Remote-access Software on Systems Sold to States

Tucker Said "No Electronic Voting Machines," November 22, 2022
"Thanks to your support, we [Lindell Legal Offense Fund] are seeing all of their efforts to steal elections -- we were watching from every angle possible -- and today there are over 45 lawsuits going on right now to save America for our children and grandchildren -- for you and me.
"4,000 plus reports of voter fraud as of right now."

Vote Fraud, Laura Pressley

Voter Fraud is Real. Here's the Proof
"Data suggests millions of voter registrations are fraudulent or invalid. That's enough to tip an election, easily.
"These are just some instances of voter fraud we know about. It would be silly to assume cases that have been discovered are the only cases of fraud. Indeed according to a Pew Charitable Trust report from February 2012, one in eight voter registrations are 'significantly inaccurate or no longer valid.' Since there are 146 million Americans registered to vote, this translates to a stunning 18 million invalid voter registrations on the books. Further, 'More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters, and approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.' Numbers of this scale obviously provide ripe opportunity for fraud."

Voting Machine Fraud

At war With the Mainstream Media (MSM)
Books that explain what Trump is up against.

Search Engines and Social Media Election Interference

American Journalism is Collapsing Before our Eyes, Michael Goodwin, August 21, 2016
"The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. They are working hand in hand with what was considered the cream of the nation's news organizations.
"The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America."

Delingpole: Presidential Election Wasn't 'Rigged'; It was 'Fortified', Says Time Magazine
"The key paragraph from the bombshell Time Magazine 2020 expose: 'That's why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream -- a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage, and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system's fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures'."

*Ethical Algorithm Design Should Guide Technology Regulation, Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth, January 13, 2020
"We propose that more systematic, ongoing, and legal ways of auditing algorithms are needed. Regulating algorithms is different and more complicated than regulating human decision-making. It should be based on what we have come to call ethical algorithm design,[3] which is now being conducted by a community of hundreds of researchers. Ethical algorithm design begins with a precise understanding of what kinds of behaviors we want algorithms to avoid (so that we know what to audit for), and proceeds to design and deploy algorithms that avoid those behaviors (so that auditing does not simply become a game of whack-a-mole)."

As Evidence of Election Fraud Emerges, the Media Wants to Keep you in the Dark, Hans von Spakovsky, September 20, 2017

Four Things to Know About Trump's new Voter Fraud Claim
"Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton."

Gabs Statement on the Website Targeting US Election Officials

How Tampering With Search Engines Could Swing an Election, January 21, 2016

Leaked Facebook Documents Show Discrimination Against Conservatives and Intent to Influence Elections
"A Facebook employee leaked documents to James O'Keefe at Project Veritas that shows how the tech giant discriminates against conservatives through technological means and behavior modification. The 'Troll Twilight Zone' was intended to demoralize conservatives and influence important elections.
"Danny Ben-David, a software engineer, wrote 'Action Deboost Live Distribution' code for Facebook that suppresses distribution of a live feed by disabling features to share the video and to shut down interactive notifications, while removing live feed boost. The system converts the live video to text and machine learning identifies certain words that trigger 'deboosting.'
"Additional documents show that Seij Yamamoto, a data science manager for Facebook, aims to shut down conservative 'trolls' who use memes for ridicule by targeting the language of the right. He promotes the 'Troll Twilight Zone' that drastically limits bandwidth, logs out automatically, and 'magically' fails to upload comments and posts. The methods are designed to demoralize the conservative user. He wrote that his Troll Twilight Zone feature will be triggered 'leading up to important elections' indicating that Facebook is influencing elections against conservatives. Yamamoto proposed regulating behavior through peer pressure and fear of social rejection by notifying the friend network when a user has been suspended from the platform. https://needtoknow.news/2019/03/leaked-facebook-documents-show-discrimination-against-conservatives-and-intent-to-influence-elections/

O'Keefe, James, American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News, ISBN: 9781250154651 1250154650.
Annotation above.

This Psychologist Claims Google Search Results Unfairly Steer Voters to the Left

Search Engines Could Already be Tilting Elections, Study Says, August 10, 2015

Senior Google Manager Confirms Search Engine's Election Interference in Favor of Joe Biden, Joe Newby, October 20, 2020
"On Monday, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released a new video confirming what many on the right already knew and/or suspected. In the video, Google Cloud Technical Program Manager Ritesh Lakhkar admitted the search engine is interfering in the election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden. Google favors Joe Biden.
" 'I feel suffocated at Google,' he said. 'Because on one side, you have this professional or unprofessional attitude, and on the other side, you have this ultra-leftist attitude, and your entire existence is questioned.'
"According to Lakhkar, Google 'exercises deity-like control over the information Americans receive,' Veritas reported. You're like playing selective God,' he told the Veritas journalist."

A "Shadow Campaign" Employs Dark Money and Other Vote Fraud Techniques Including Computer Crime and Cybercrime.
"We the people must do a whole lot of 'impeaching' in both the public and private sectors."

Time Magazine Admits Election was Rigged
"One major US magazine is openly and brazenly sharing what most conservatives already knew. The 2020 election results were orchestrated by some well-connected, powerful, influential, and wealthy people in order to defeat Donald Trump. That's the conclusion of an in-depth article in Time Magazine that quotes numerous people involved in the 'shadow campaign'."

Mail-in Ballots

15 Million Votes in 2020 Election not Accounted for, Report Finds, Fred Lucas, August 19, 2021
"The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative watchdog group on election integrity, released a research brief Wednesday assessing the effect of mass mail-in balloting in an election with a close presidential race in key battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin."

Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America
"Voting by mail makes it easier to commit fraud, intimidate voters.
"Although talk of voter fraud may be increasing because of the stakes in the 2020 election, The Heritage Foundation's Election Fraud Database has been around for four years. With the addition of our latest batch of cases, we are up to 1,285 proven instances of voter fraud."

Even if Trump Wins, Democrat Vote Fraud Must be Exposed. 1960 Shows why
"Democrats are the masters at rigging elections, which explains why mail-in balloting was so important to the Biden Machine.
Mail-in balloting is illegitimate regardless of what the Democrat Party, The Swamp, The Deep State, or any Federal ACRONYM says. Usurpation of power is treason anywhere. SCOTUS should nullify the Nov. 3 election and schedule a new Presidential election."

The First Bill Democrats Have Introduced in the House of Representatives Will Permanently Destroy Voting in America.
"The 'For the People act' is a direct attack promising the destruction of the Constitutional Republic

1) Nationwide Mail-in Voting
2) Legalized Limitless Ballot Harvesting
3) Prohibits Attempts to Clean Voter Rolls
4) Murderers and Rapists can Vote
5) Internet-only Registration With Electronic Signature . . . ."

Mail-in Ballots and Electoral Fraud, Peter Hammond
2. The Constitutional Court of Austria Recognized Mail-in Ballot Fraud on 22 May 2016, Presidential elections were held in Austria, which resulted in the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) bringing a 152-page Appeal to the Constitutional Court.
3. The case claimed that over 500,000 ballots were invalid.
4. Non-citizens and minors had been allowed to vote and irregularities, particularly with absentee ballots, significantly affected the outcome.
5. Since the Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer had lost to the Socialist Van der Bellen by a mere 30,863 votes, the court found that more than twice that number had been affected by breaches in the Electoral Code.
6. The Constitutional Court of Austria ordered that the Presidential Election Second Round, be held again.
7. The court statement declared: 'It is completely clear to the Constitutional Court that laws regulating an Election must be rigorously applied. This must rule out abuse and manipulations.'
8. Voter Fraud in America -- voter fraud and election rigging is notoriously prevalent throughout Africa, but for some reason, people in America often seem skeptical and naive about fraud in their own elections.
9. The Heritage Foundation found more than 1,000 instances of documented voter fraud in the United States over the last 20 years.
10. Vote Fraud Revelations by a Whistle-blower The New York Post published 'Confessions of a Voter Fraud: I was a Master at Fixing Mail-in Ballots,' by John Levine, published 29 August 2020.
11. The whistle-blower described himself as a 'political insider' and 'A Bernie Sanders Democrat die-hard,' revealed, 'There is no race in New Jersey -- from City Council to United States Senate -- that we haven't worked on.'
12. This operative declared that voter fraud, with mail-in ballots, is no myth, he knows this because he has been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.
13. The Whistle-blower, whose identity, rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by The Post claimed that he not only changed ballots himself, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
14. Methods to Manipulate Mail-in Ballots. He and his operatives fanned out, going house-to-house, convincing voters to let them mail completed ballots on their behalf, as a public service.
15. They would then take the sealed envelopes home, hold them over boiling water to loosen the glue, remove the real ballot, place the counterfeit ballot inside the signed certificate, then reseal the envelope.
16. He reported that sometimes postal employees were in on the scam and filled-out ballots which came from Republican strongholds were just thrown into the garbage.
17. In 2017 hundreds of mail-in ballots in New York City which never arrived at the Board of Elections were discovered as these baskets of 2016 mail were put to one side at the Brooklyn processing facility, until the election was over.
18. Targeting Retirement Homes Mail-in fraudsters particularly target assisted-living facilities, by 'helping' the elderly fill out their absentee ballots.
19. 'Nursing homes are a gold mine for votes,' he declared, as are the inactive, or deceased, voter.
20. Democrats would also routinely buy votes from homeless shelters, literally paying people to register and vote the way they dictated.
21. Organizationally, the whistle-blower said that their voter-fraud schemes resembled Mafia organizations, with the campaign manager controlling fraudsters to harvest voter details and stuff ballot boxes.
22. He noted that normally the actual candidate would be kept in the dark, so that they could maintain 'plausible deniability.'
23. Various states sent out an unprecedented 80 million unsolicited ballots to voters in the mail in 2020.
24. Sabotaging the Elections in Nigeria. When it comes to unjustly influencing elections, the Barack Hussein Obama/Biden Administration sabotaged the re-election prospects of Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, in 2015.
25. This was the fifth election to be held since the end of military rule in 1999. The elections were first scheduled for 14 February 2015. However, it had to be postponed by six weeks to 28 March, due to the instability caused by Boko Haram insurgency.
26. In Nigeria the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls by Boko Haram, precipitated a national crisis.
27. Former US Congressman, Steve Stockman, a Member of the US Congressional Delegation sent to Nigeria, in the months after the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by Boko Haram,
28. confirmed, that a senior US General informed them that they had intelligence that could have aided the Nigerian military to crush the Boko Haram terrorist group, but were blocked from providing this information to the Nigerian authorities by the Obama Administration.
29. The reason given for this refusal of critical intelligence that could have made all the difference in the war against terrorism, was Nigeria's pro-family stance resisting the same sex 'marriage' demands of the Obama Administration.
30. Perverted Agenda Destabilized Nigeria. As a result of the deteriorating security situation in Northern Nigeria
31. and what voters saw as the failure of Goodluck Jonathan's presidency to defeat Boko Haram and return the girl, the incumbent lost the 2015 presidential Catastrophic Elections
32. And previous military dictator Muhammadu Buhari was elected, in a highly contested election.
33. The voter turnout was a very low 43 percent and the election marked the first time an incumbent president had lost re-election in Nigeria.
34. It was also the first time that a previous military dictator won an election after having been ousted!
35. Our friends in Nigeria inform us that most people who voted for Muhammadu Buhari did so because Jonathan's administration has failed to curb Boko Haram insurgency, and Buhari has promised to end it decisively. A Victory for Islamic Terrorism.
36. There is suspicion that the Muslim terrorists and the Muslim presidential candidate have been working towards a similar goal of removing Christians from power in Africa's most populous nation.
37. Nigerians have expressed their frustration that American interference and blind promotion of perversion sabotaged attempts to free the kidnapped girls from Boko Haram. Gay Agenda Served the Cause of Islamic Jihad in Nigeria
38. Undermined Nigerian military attempts to defeat the Jihadists, and now have brought about a catastrophic return to rule by a Muslim, who used to be the military dictator of the country.
39. While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption. (2 Peter 2:19)
40. Biden Admitted Obama Administration Armed and Funded ISIS. This would also be an opportune time to remind Americans that Vice President Joe Biden confirmed that the Obama White House armed and funded ISIS. ('Obama's anti-ISIS Coalition Built ISIS, Biden Admits,' by Alex Newman, published 7 October 2014 in The New American.)
41. 'Sponsoring International Terrorism in The Herald,' 7 October 2014, under the title: 'Biden's Admission: US Allies Armed ISIS.' Patrick Martin wrote: 'ISIS is essentially the creation of the United States and its Allies who fomented civil war in Syria against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
42. Speaking to students at Harvard's John F. Kennedy Forum, US Vice President Joseph Biden revealed some of the dirty secrets of the US led war against Syria that US Allies poured hundreds of millions of Dollars and tens of thousands of tonnes of weapons into anyone who would fight Assad.
43. A Trail of Betrayal. The fact is that millions of Christians have suffered and died under communist dictatorships and radical Islamic Jihadist regimes and terrorist movements as a result of US foreign policy that has routinely betrayed pro-Western Allies and supported, funded, and armed anti-Christian regimes.
44. Zimbabwe is a Legacy of Carter's Foreign Policy. Over 40 years ago, the country I grew up in, Rhodesia, was betrayed into the hands of communist mass-murderer Robert Mugabe and his Marxist ZANU-PF terrorist organization.
45. Robert Mugabe is remembered as the Marxist who was propelled into power by Jimmy Carter's State Department and the British Foreign Office, in violation of the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979. A Trail of Treachery.
46. Lord Arthur Christopher Soames, a son-in-law of Winston Churchill and the British-appointed Governor of Rhodesia during the transition period, was responsible to ensure free and fair elections in accordance with the Lancaster House Agreement. British Betrayal
47. However, while Soames acknowledged that Mugabe's ZANU-PF was engaged in widespread, systematic violations and terrorism, intimidating the voters, he refused to dismiss the obviously fraudulent votes in favor of Mugabe.
48. In blatant violation of the Lancaster House Agreement, Soames handed over the government of Rhodesia to Mugabe and his disqualified terrorist movement, with disastrous consequences to all.
49. Most were shot in front of family and fellow villagers in public executions, after being forced to dig their own graves. Wholesale Slaughter.
50. While American voters got rid of Jimmy Carter over 40 years ago, the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe are still stuck with Carter's foreign policy legacy.
51. The breadbasket of Rhodesia became the Zimbabwe basket case. While Rhodesia used to export food, Zimbabwe needs millions of tonnes of relief aid to survive.
52. More than half of the total population of Zimbabwe have fled the country, a vote of 'no confidence' in 'liberation.'
53. With over 90 percent of the population unemployed and with sky-rocketing inflation, everyone in Zimbabwe is suffering worse than ever before in history.
54. The Fruit of Voter Fraud. But, as Zimbabwean Election observers have noted, the British Foreign Office and American State Department taught Mugabe and other dictators an important lesson.
55. It did not matter how much they lied, cheated, intimidated, terrorized, murdered, and how many opposition candidates were beaten up, assassinated or their supporters blown up in busses and trucks en route to the Electoral poles,
56. As long as Mugabe could claim that he had won the election, he would be accepted and respected as a member of the United Nations and African Union and continue to receive foreign aid.
57. Allowing voter fraud in 1980 has continued to have a catastrophic consequence with deadly results for millions of Zimbabweans ever since.
58. For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery (Isaiah 61:8)
59. Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Therefore, the wrath of the Lord is upon you. (2 Chronicles 19:2)
60. To the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, Jesus said: You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given to you from above (John 19:11). Civil authority is clearly delegated by and answerable to God.
61. Our Lord also taught that civil authorities are to be public servants (Matthew 20:25-28): you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves. (Luke 22:25,26) The kings of the gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves benefactors. But you are not to be like that.
62. The Bible is very clear that God has instituted civil government as an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer (Romans 13:4).
63. The civil government is called to be a minister of God's justice: to punish those who do wrong (1 Peter 2:14).
64. The primary duties and responsibilities of civil government are the protection of law-abiding citizens and the punishment of law-breaking criminals.
65. Psalm 101 reminds us that the duty of God-honoring rulers is to destroy the wicked, to root out evil and to protect the law-abiding.
66. As power corrupts, it is wise to limit and divide the powers of civil government in a system of checks and balances.
67. True freedom comes from within. The foundations for a truly free and prosperous nation can only be laid in characters, minds and lives changed by the grace of God.
68. Dr. Peter Hammond Reformation Society P.O. Box 74 Newlands, 7725 Cape Town, South Africa Tel: (021) 689-4480, Fax: (021) 685-5884, Email: info@ReformationSA.org, Website: www.ReformationSA.org
69. www.FrontlineMissionSA.org

The History of Vote Fraud

I guess this is what was meant when Hillary was told the voting machines where ready and humming. Crooked machines, crooked vote counters, votes by dead people voting absentee, military votes not being counted, bus loads of fraudulent voters being hauled from voting pole to pole, illegals voting illegally, phony voting cards given to people supplied by people with DNC ties, don't kid yourself, Hillary lost by a landslide , not even crooked tactics could save such a flawed candidate. -- Motherboard.vice.com

Campbell, Tracy, Deliver the Vote: A History of Election Fraud, an American Political Tradition, 1742-2004.
Annotation found above.

Democratic Operative Explains Voter Fraud: We've Been Busing People in for Fifty Years, Tim Hains, October 18, 2016
"In the second video from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas Action series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives explain in detail how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. In the video, Democratic politico Scott Foval, who was fired after the release of Part 1 of this series, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years." -- Real Clear Politics
"Butterfly ballots, balky machines, absentee ballot scandals, felons voting, Supreme Court intervention -- all these made headlines during the infamous 2000 Florida recount. Could it happen again in this year's presidential election? The answer is yes, because not much has changed to improve our election systems, while both major parties are poised on a hair trigger to file lawsuits and challenge any close statewide vote. The issues may boil down to whether the margin of victory in any state exceeds the 'margin of litigation.' John Fund offers a guided tour of our error-prone election systems, which nearly half of Americans say they don't trust. When some states have systems so flawed that you can't tell where incompetence ends and possible fraud begins, it isn't surprising that scandals have ranged from rural Texas to big cities such as Milwaukee and St. Louis. Fund dissects some anomalies of Florida 2000 and analyzes the bitterly protracted election for governor of Washington State in 2004. He spotlights the perils of 'provisional ballots,' the flaws of the 'Motor Voter' law that has allowed people to get absentee ballots for phantom voters, and the shady registration drives of the radical group ACORN. Meanwhile, the simple safeguard of a photo ID requirement is fiercely resisted on specious claims that it would disenfranchise poor and minority voters. Stealing Elections presents a chilling portrait of electoral vulnerability, as a combination of bureaucratic bungling and ballot rigging put our democracy at risk." -- Politic View

Facebook Inserted With Link "Get voting information"
"Both voting in person and voting by mail have a long history of trustworthiness in the US and the same is expected this year. Voter fraud is extremely rare across voting methods. (Source: Bipartisan Policy Center), https://bipartisanpolicy.org/about/".

The First Bill Democrats Have Introduced in the House of Representatives Will Permanently Destroy Voting in America.
"The 'For the People act' is a direct attack promising the destruction of the Constitutional Republic

1) Nationwide Mail-in Voting
2) Legalized Limitless Ballot Harvesting
3) Prohibits Attempts to Clean Voter Rolls
4) Murderers and Rapists can Vote
5) Internet-only Registration With Electronic Signature
6) Banning Voter Registration Requirement of Full SSN
7) Nationwide Same-day Registration
8) Banning Voter ID
9) Congressional Takeover of Redistricting
10) 16-year-old Voter age
11) Regulates Freedom of Speech
12) Aims to Eliminate Anonymous Speech, and
13) DC Statehood
"This will permanently cement the Washington DC establishment uni-party and end any chance of an outsider ever being elected again."

Former Justice Department Lawyer Testifies to Voting Section's History of Abusing its Authority, Hans von Spakovsky, July 01, 2021
"If HR 4 were to pass, radical Justice Department bureaucrats will object to nearly every election integrity reform enacted by states.
"Americans do not want biased federal bureaucrats running their elections. Washington should stay out of elections and let the states continue to run them as they have for more than 200 years."

The History of Voting and Voter Fraud
"In this week's video news update for September 10-16, 2012, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses the history of voting and voter fraud."

Shocking: The Democrats' First Bill of 2021 is to Lock in Fraudulent Elections Forever

Voter Fraud
"Voter fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election. Some groups argue that voter fraud is widespread. The Heritage Foundation has said that the "United States has a long and unfortunate history of election fraud," and that "preventing, deterring, and prosecuting such fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of our voting process." Critics argue that these claims are overstated."

Reform of the Election Process

In order to have "open, honest, and fair" election results in all States on November 8, 2016 (in addition to current regulations, as a minimum requirement in all states, and subject to improvements and additions), it would appear that:
1. Only paper ballots must be cast,
2. All ballots must be signed by the voter,
3. All ballots must be retained at the precinct level until election results are officially finalized, so that machine counts can be compared with paper ballots in a recount,
4. All State Election Boards must make available to the public a complete inventory, by make and model, of voting machines and scanners used during the current election,
5. Pollwatchers must record, and report to their party, the make and model of all voting machines and scanners used in their precinct,
6. Only the signed paper copy of the Statement of Results (SOR) from each precincts will be officially recognized at all levels of election boards (Local, State, and Federal),
7. Transmission of SORs electronically, in digital format over The Internet (wirelessly on the World Wide Web, digitally over phone lines, faxed, telegraphed, etc.), must be prohibited under any circumstance. Electronic transmission is considered to be the one step that is most subject to voter fraud by cyberattack,
8. And so forth, and so on. -- A Social Media User

"Abolition or subversion of the Electoral College (as proposed by the Democrats and RINOs in the guise of the National Popular Vote coalition) is a very dangerous proposition as cited in the article, 'Coalition to change Electoral College votes grows closer to 270-vote mark,' UPI, June 13, 2019. Yet the proposition is looming in the political horizon and most Americans are either not aware of it or do not seem to care. This is the conversion of our Republican form of government as written in our Constitution to a social (mass) democracy by eliminating the Electoral College and the power of the states. This would not only eliminate the balance of power between large and small states but between rural areas and urban areas, so that centers of large populations, such as LA, NY, and other large cities in Democratic centers of power, would dominate the country." -- Dr. Miguel Faria

The Electoral College Still Makes Sense Because We're not a Democracy
" 'Pure democracy' is just another phrase for 'mob rule.' Dictatorship of the majority means 51 percent of the citizenry rule the other 49 percent. That minority has no rights except those the condescending majority grants. It works well for those in the 51 percent, not so much for those in the 49. Plato knew it, and James Madison, who knew his Plato, did too. Plato and Madison both recognized that justice and liberty for the minority is possible only when power is shared between groups in society." -- Donna Carol Voss

The Federal Government is said to be the largest user of polygraph in the world.
A "modest proposal" -- from the top down, start with a far-reaching, independent investigation of the alleged massive voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election (possibly include among the allegations moral turpitude, corruption, treason, and so forth, and so on) using hi-tech polygraphy.
If test results could be made public, then offenders could simply be fired or impeached.
Then move on to impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as they repeat the impeachable offenses of both the current administration and the Obama Administration.

List of Obama's Impeachable Offenses That Democrats and Media Covered up, Alex Hall, December 19, 2019
1. Obama's Iran nuke deal
2. Obama knew about Hillary's private email server
3. Obama IRS targets conservatives
4. Obama's DOJ spies on AP reporters
5. Obamacare and Obama's false promises
6. Illegal-alien amnesty by executive order
7. Benghazi-gate
8. Operation Fast and Furious
9. Taliban leaders for Bergdah
10. Extortion
11. 'Recess appointments' when Senate was in session
12. Appointment of 'czars' without Senate approval
13. Suing Arizona for enforcing federal law
14. Refusal to defend Defense of Marriage Act
15. Illegally conducting war against Libya
16. NSA: Spying on Americans
17. Muslim Brotherhood ties
18. Miriam Carey
19. Birth certificate
20. Executive orders
21. Solyndra and the lost $535 million
22. Egypt
23. Cap and Trade: When in doubt, bypass Congress
24. Refusal to prosecute New Black Panthers
25. Obama's U.S. citizen 'hit list'
26. And so forth, and so on
Hi-tech Polygraphy as a Means of Broadscale Reform

Articles of Impeachment, Bill Sharpe, February 12, 2019
"This is a citizen's duty!
"When a politician or a government agent or employee takes their oath of office and swears to uphold and to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, they are stating that they agree with the contract of the Constitution of the United States of America that Limits their Scope of Power as a Government Agent or official, And employee Of the people.
"When those individuals denounce or reject the conditions of that contract either verbally or by physically acceding those Limits and conditions of control, they have committed and impeachable offense, and by doing so they have violated the terms of their employment by exceeding the powers granted to them by the peoples contract,Known as the Constitution of the United States of America.
"In doing so they are stating that the powers granted to them through the contract, no longer apply to them! and they are not content with those powers, and are basically attempting a hostile takeover of the employers Assets and treasures,from the people who they work for, and now are committing and performing treason against those for whom they Swore and promised by oath or affirmation that they would uphold and defend these terms of this contract.
"And every act to infringe upon our liberties, rights and freedoms is a deliberate act by these bad actors and violators to assume more powers by limiting ours, the more of our liberties and rights they removed from us the more powerful they become, that's why this is an impeachable offense! it is a Subversive act To strip away our powers and the overreach of their powers By the theft of ours.
"By violating these conditions of employment, they have performed a criminal act Of piracy, and are Performing a unlawful attempt to overthrow and to achieve total power over the owners of this Nation and governing body, this is an impeachable act punishable up to death!
"The only individuals who can enforce these infractions of this contract and law, are we the people! who voted for these people to Hold this office, at this time the people must use their right to remove these hostile foreign agents from this status of employment, and to remove all the emoluments, powers and immunities from these criminals actors.
"When any government politician employee, elected or appointed violates these terms and conditions of employment they are committing treason! if they Fail to Perform their Duties,and Tried To Change,Infringe Alter in Any Way Shape or Form the contract, known as the Constitution of United States of America, They Have Violated Their Oath Of Office, and Their commitment to the people,and are now Publicly stating Verbally or by action that they denounce that oath of office and will no longer be bound by it!
"And are forcibly changing all terms and condition of that binding contract, which is an criminal act of war by those individuals! against the people of the United States of America.
"By violating the contract They do not care what the people's contract says or limits are, they are proclaiming to claim whatever office and position they hold, that they are, King, Commodore or tyrant and will treat the people as they wish,With no controls, restrictions Or regards to the will or safety of the people.
"And their intent is to remove all liberties rights and freedoms of the people to achieve total control and to reestablish slavery, By piracy!
"The Declaration of Independence states!
'When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separation and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the cause with impel them to the separation.
'We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness- that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed- that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to those ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.'
"A notarized Affidavit of truth under penalties of perjury by two witnesses stating the violations of the accused with evidence place, dates and times of the violations or attempted violations to our constitutional rights, signed and notarized along with the above document, and present it or send it to Congress state or federal, or both."

"Former national security adviser Michael Flynn says President Donald Trump has options to make sure the integrity of the 2020 election remains intact, including seizing voting machines around the country and using military capabilities to rerun elections in swing states."

"Let me write it again:
"I've been a political consultant for 30 years. I never voted for Trump once. I have served as lawful appointees to ballot recount boards, poll watcher more times than I can count and once hired to review precinct roster sheets versus state of Minnesota Secretary of State's official election count from their official voter file 45 days after the election was certified in a county.
"I caught a precinct election captain falsifying signatures on voter rosters and ordered her out of her own polling precinct (she refused, I called the Sheriff); found 20 plus absentee ballot applications in one precinct with a singular identical female-looking handwriting style when matched to the ballot return envelopes with signatures of elderly voters many of whom were clearly losing their motor control; I have found polling rosters in one precinct of 3,000 votes to be off by 900 from the Minnesota Secretary of State's official updated counts. . . . (whoops computer glitch they said); I watched, nearly 20 years ago, as the Chairman of the Iowa Voting Machine and Computer Scanning Commission was driven off the Commission by his peers after he warned, as a computer engineering professor at the University of Iowa, that no computerized voting machine can be made secure from hacking; I've seen mail-in-ballots in Nebraska actively suppress elderly voters as the return envelope was clearly transparent and officials could see how voters voted before opening the envelope; I've seen an unauthorized government official sit at the front door of precinct voting places staring at the elderly who avoided eye contact with him, and more.
"Every complaint to government officials of these ballot/voting violations, went unheeded. Every last one! There was never 'sufficient enough evidence,' which was an aggressive lie to cover government growth and those candidates supporting it. Nor could they provide a standard of evidence where they would act on the complaint. The courts and the rest of the system have let it be known for decades that once the polls are closed they aren't going to step in and mess with 'the will of the people' regardless if some/many (it doesn't take a lot in a close race) of the 'people' don't exist or are already dead or someone stole their vote or were easily manipulated and had someone fill out the ballot for them.
"I am convinced that Trump had this election stolen from him! And those conservatives discounting the evidence can't process what their life would be like in the ensuing turmoil if it was made clear it was stolen, contrary to their self-delusions.
Yes, we are a banana republic because our collective morality is that of a banana republic. . . . and that leads us back to the failed Christian churches!" -- A Social Media Post

Election Meddling: Nationwide Voter Fraud, Importation of 15 Million Foreign-born Voters
"The leading threats to the American electorate remain nationwide voter fraud and mass immigration. . . .
"Though President Trump's administration sought to thoroughly investigate voter fraud through the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, the board was handed off to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to bypass obstruction from national Democrats who refused to turn over voter data.
"The number of convictions against voter fraud continues to rise, with now nearly 940 criminal convictions on the books across the U.S., according to the latest data from the Heritage Foundation.
"Likewise, the number of cases of voter fraud has risen. Heritage's Voter Fraud Database now features 1,071 cases of voter fraud that spans across 47 states."

Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered -- Trump Likely won Popular Vote by Landslide!
"Three million votes in the U.S. presidential election [2016] were cast by illegal aliens, according to Greg Phillips of the VoteFraud.org organization.
"If true, this would mean that Donald Trump still won the contest despite widespread vote fraud and almost certainly won the popular vote.
" 'We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,' tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations."

True the Vote, a group dedicated to rooting out vote fraud, issued a statement supporting the charge by President-Elect Donald Trump that millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election.
"HOUSTON, TX. -- November 27, 2016: True the Vote (TTV), the nation's leading voters' rights and election integrity organization, today released a statement with respect to President-Elect Donald Trump's claim that 'millions' of individuals illegally voted in the 2016 Election.
"True the Vote absolutely supports President-elect Trump's recent comment about the impact of illegal voting, as reflected in the national popular vote. We are still collecting data and will be for several months, but our intent is to publish a comprehensive study on the significant impact of illegal voting in all of its many forms and begin a national discussion on how voters, states, and the Trump Administration can best address this growing problem."

High Crimes and Misdemeanors Explained

The Impeachment Process in US Government

Petition: We the People ask Congress to meet in an Emergency Session About Removing George Soros Owned Voting Machines in 16 States
"The 16 States with Soros voting machines must have US Marshals remove them before Nov. 8, 2020. . ."

Presidential Executive Order on the Establishment of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

A Republic Imprisoned, Nelson Velez, Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party, February 15, 2021
"We are an occupied nation. We've witnessed the ending of our Republic with the successful theft of millions of legal votes and with that, the coup that has been ongoing for 4 years finally achieved success. . . . America, this is what Cuba, Venezuela and most 3rd world country elections look like. This is how a free people lose a Republic. . . .
"In 1999, Zell Miller a long-time Democrat national leader was so alarmed by the Democrats separation from decency and patriotism, that he wrote a book titled a NATIONAL PARTY NO MORE. Since that book was written over 20 years ago, the Democrat party has devolved into a movement that more resembles fascism than any American party. . . .
"It is time for our American spirit to rise and counter the great evil that has captured our nation. We need to impose clean and honest elections. We need to get rid of all the illegal voting fraud machines everywhere and put people in jail for violating the voting rights of millions of Americans. This must be front and center and it must be done for America to have any chance of being a Republic again. We begin as we begun. We demand to have representation through legal, clean and open elections. This is the best and only place to start in restoring our nation."

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
"So many people would like to thank the brave and patriotic Republican State Senators from Arizona for the incredible job they are doing in exposing the large scale Voter Fraud which took place in the 2020 Presidential Election. Their tireless efforts have led to a massive recount, ballot examination, and full forensic audit, undertaken by experts retained by the State Senate, with results to be announced within six weeks. The Democrats, upon hearing the news of the Court Order, have sent 73 lawyers to Arizona in an effort to stop this recount and full transparency because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID! The Democrats are desperate for the FRAUD to remain concealed because, when revealed, the Great States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire, and the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, would be forced to complete the work already started. The Arizona recount and examination will be on live TV (OAN) for all to watch."

In Thomson Reuters' second annual 2021 GOVERNMENT FRAUD, WASTE, AND ABUSE SURVEY we surveyed more than 100 state and local agency officials to find out if they have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Survey respondents included appraisers, attorneys, investigators, and administrators working in a variety of departments, including tax and revenue, health/human services, labor/employment, and child support.
The new survey specifically covers the challenges presented by COVID-19 relief efforts, as well as the difficulties of maintaining regular services during the pandemic. The report also discusses measures that could be taken to improve fraud-prevention efforts in agencies and departments where resources are perceived as limited or insufficient.

Jon Voight Praises "True Patriot" Trump: "This is a man who Took on Evil"
"Veteran Hollywood star Jon Voight this week shared a message of 'hope,' praising "true patriot" President Trump for taking on evil.
" 'This man, President Trump, had to fight a war -- a war that was bigger than anything our nation has witnessed in our lifetime, though he shielded us and protected us through it,' said Hollywood Legend Jon Voight. 'This is what a man of great love does, a man that will protect his country to the end. With dignity, honor, respect, and love'."

New Study Unearths Staggering Revelation About More than 7 Million Voter Registrations
"The new data remains virtually unchanged from a 2014 study conducted by the secretary of state's office, when 7.3 million voters were registered in more than one state."

Voter Fraud Across the Nation: State-by-state Examples, November 12, 2020


Not Over yet: Moore Pulls Ahead After Fraudulent Votes are Thrown out in Birmingham
"After nearly an entire precinct in a black neighborhood in Birmingham was tossed out this morning by the Alabama Secretary of State for widespread and rampant voter fraud, estimates have Roy Moore in the lead by more than 300 votes. The 421st precinct racked up nearly 26K votes for Doug Jones, mostly with brand-new voter registrations, in an area with only 1100 residents."


Dominion and 2020 Arizona Election Fraud

Nearly 400,000 voter identities processed in Arizona have NO MATCH with Social Security Administration: Trump won. How do we remove the fraudulent regime? September 2021


Experts Say California's Voter Registration System 'Highly Susceptible to Being Compromised'

More Than a Million Illegal Immigrants Scored California Driver's Licenses, State DMV Announces, April 4, 2018

U.S. has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults -- A red Flag for Electoral Fraud
"According to a new study of U.S. Census data, America has more registered voters than actual live voters. It's a troubling fact that puts our nation's future in peril.
"The data come from Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project. The group looked at data from 2011 to 2015 produced by the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, along with data from the federal Election Assistance Commission. . . .
"California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters. Perhaps not surprisingly -- it is deep-Blue State California, after all -- 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.
"Los Angeles County, whose more than 10 million people make it the nation's most populous county, had 12 percent more registered voters than live ones, some 707,475 votes. That's a huge number of possible votes in an election.
"But, Murdock notes, 'California's San Diego County earns the enchilada grande. Its 138 percent registration translates into 810,966 ghost voters.'


Broward County, Florida, Dozens of Districts at 99 percent for Obama

Lucy County, Florida, 141.1 Percent Voted for Obama

Report: 24K Voter Records in Florida County Contain Errors, Potential Fraud
"An election integrity watchdog has found 24,000 instances of irregularities among the voter rolls in Palm Beach County, Florida, according to a new report."


Did Homeland Security Hack Georgia's Election Data?

Georgia Accuses Homeland Security of Attempting to Hack State's Election Database

Mystery: Did Stacey Abrams Financial Group Fund Temp Agency That Staffed Fulton Co. Elections?
"Documents indicated link between Abrams-founded 'NowAccount' and Atlanta personnel group that assisted in elections work."

Sidney Powell Sues Georgia Officials, Alleging Massive Scheme to rig Election for Joe Biden
"Prominent defense lawyer says scheme centered around modern 'ballot stuffing' hidden by voter machine algorithms."


Meanwhile, in Indiana: Democrat Group Charged With Voter Registration Fraud in 2016 Election -- The Right Scoop


Records: Too Many Votes in 37 percent of Detroit's Precincts
"Jill Stein opened up a can of worms in Michigan with her scam recount. Thanks to Stein, massive voter fraud was uncovered in Democrat stronghold of Detroit."

Video: Stein's Recount Blew the lid off Major Voter Fraud in Detroit Where Hillary won big
"Jill Stein's scam recount ended up exposing major fraud after all.
"The only vote fraud uncovered by the recount favored Hillary!"

Vote Fraud? Recount Finds too Many Votes in 37 percent of Detroit Precincts
"The State of Michigan plans to audit about 20 Detroit polling locations following reports by The American Mirror and others on irregularities discovered."


Massive Voter Fraud Discovered in Nevada; May Have Cost Trump the State
"President Elect Trump has the opportunity to investigate voter fraud, once the Obama administration leaves office. Obama has painted voter fraud as a nonissue, but Nevada is sure to have gained the attention of Trump and incoming Attorney General Jeff Session."
"Celebrities, dead people, and vacant lots aren't the only fraudulent votes being cast. A retired immigration officer, ICE Special-Agent-in-Charge Claude Arnold, told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that many illegal immigrants to the U.S. can easily purchase false documentation and vote."

New York

List of Electronic Voting Machines in New York State
Most are Dominion Voting System machines.

North Carolina

Audit Reveals Hundreds of Cases of Voter Fraud in NC
"An official audit confirms that hundreds of people, mainly felons and criminals, cast illegal ballots in North Carolina during the 2016 general election.
"The confirmation of voter fraud comes months after a federal court, with President Obama's support, blocked a statewide election integrity reform bill.
"The report issued by the North Carolina State Board of Elections said there were 508 instances of voter fraud in 2016. Of that, over 440 individuals were felons and dozens were considered 'non-citizens' who were potentially misled by voter drives and campaign rhetoric."

Modems Discovered in North Carolina Election Machines, April 12, 2021

North Carolina Registers Over 583 Democrat Votes Over the Age of 112


Dozens of Cleveland Districts, 100 percent for Obama

Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed up to Vote on Tuesday

Wood County, 108 Percent Voted for Obama


In 59 Philadelphia Wards Romney got Zero Votes

No Voting Fraud in Pennsylvania? Think Again

Philadelphia Ballot Numbers Lack Credibility

Philly Activist Group Shreds GOP Voter Registrations

Poll Watcher Sees Romney Ballots Changed

Vote was Astronomical for Obama in Some Philadelphia Wards


17 States Join Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Over Fraudulent Election, Jim Hoft, December 9, 2020

Rand Paul Calls out Democrats, Jim Crow Legacy at Election Forum
"Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., recalls an early and disappointing political experience in 1976, when he was 13 and his father lost a U.S. House seat in Texas by just 200 votes of about 200,000 cast. The loss, he says, led to his long-term interest in maintaining election integrity throughout the country.
" 'We contested the election. We found dead people voted,' Paul said Tuesday afternoon of the defeat of his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, during a virtual event organized by The Heritage Foundation.
" 'We found 13 people who voted out of one household. We couldn't find anyone who ever answered the door of that house.'
" 'We found vacant lots. We found commercial lots,' Paul said of the addresses on voter registration rolls, adding:
" 'We found precincts, and this is in 1976, where the entire precinct was 100 percent for the opponent and zero for us, and the handwriting . . . appeared to be the same person that signed everybody in. They had a 100 percentage turnout. Anomalies like that are not brand new, but no court would hear my father's case'."

Voter Fraud in Houston, TX
"The Socialist Democrats took complete control of Harris county, winning all countywide offices in 2018, by a 200,000 vote margin.
By comparison, Obama and Romney ran essentially dead even in 2012. President Trump lost Harris county in 2016 by 140,000 votes (11 percent less the Clinton), while carrying Texas by 8 percent. How did this dramatic vote swing occur in the largest Republican county in the country? Massive Democrat election voter fraud in Harris. . . ."
"This is what we have uncovered.
"The master minds behind the massive ballot by mail vote harvesting election fraud scheme are Democrat County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Democrat State Senator Boris Miles. They have two captains, Gerald Womack and Dallas Jones.
"Jones was hired by the Biden campaign to run the Biden Texas operation. These captains have scores of paid vote harvesters working for them. . . ."
"What can be done. . . ? "President Trump needs to issue an executive order requiring a third-party cyber security company to review all computer results in real time. The computer companies need to be required to provide audit logs of all computer transactions."


5500 Plus Noncitizens Discovered on Voter Rolls in Virginia, May 29th, 2017

Former JMU Student Sentenced to 100 Days in Voter Fraud Case
"Andrew Spieles, a 21-year-old former James Madison University student convicted of knowingly transferring false voter registration forms during the 2016 election season, will serve 100 days in jail."

Illegals in Virginia Registered, Voted in Elections. Critics say McAuliffe Kept key Facts Hidden

Multiple Reversals and Proportional Vote Entries In Virginia on Election Night after 11 PM Indicate Election Fraud Occurred in This State too

Virginia Finally Drops America's "Worst Voting Machines," Kim Zetter, August 17, 2015
"Recently decertified some 3,000 WINVote touchscreen voting machines."

Virginia Governor Announces new Voting Machines, Elisabeth Hulette, December 16, 2014
"The new technology would create a paper trail for each ballot cast, something not all the voting machines used in Virginia do."

Voter Fraud Concerns Hang Over Governor Races in Virginia, New Jersey
"Thousands of noncitizens have been found on the rolls in both states, and no one knows how many more there may be."

Voting Equipment and Electronic Pollbooks Certified for use in Virginia
"DISCLAIMER: The voting equipment totals spreadsheet presents a snapshot of equipment usage statewide reported to the Department of Elections by the local voter registration offices. It is subject to adjustment and change at the local level over time.
"The Code of Virginia 24.2-626 assigns responsibility for procuring voting equipment to the local governing body. Local governing bodies have the authority to purchase and are responsible for maintaining local voting systems. The State Board of Elections certifies equipment for use in Virginia.
"This page was taken down. The link is to Google cache of the page as it appeared on Oct. 26, 2016.
Voting Equipment Usage Chart (.xlsx) need special program to read it, MicroSoft Excell Worksheet.

Watchdog Claims 5K Noncitizens Registered to Vote in Virginia
"Dubbed a 'sequel' to a similar 2016 effort, the latest study found 5,556 voters were 'quietly removed' from the records for reasons related to non-citizenship 'between 2011 and May 2017,' according to an advanced look at the findings provided by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). Of the total registered, one-third of unlawful voters managed to cast ballots -- leading to a total of more than 7,400 illegal votes cast, according to the report."


"No Business Doing That:" Wisconsin Official Says Zuckerberg-funded Group Seized Control of 2020 Election
"Brown County clerk Sandy Juno says private money displaced career election experts, may have violated state law."

Report: Wisconsin Lost Track of 82,000 Ballots in State Biden Won by 20,000, Fred Lucas, August 27, 2021
"Wisconsin lost track of more than 82,000 mail-in ballots cast in the state in the November 2020 elections -- more than four times the margin of difference separating the two presidential candidates in the state, according to a report by the nonprofit Public Interest Legal Foundation."

Wisconsin Recount Reveals Milwaukee PADDED VOTES for Hillary
"While the Wisconsin recount in most areas showed little or no change, in the city of Milwaukee, a Democrat stronghold, we're now able to see that the votes were padded for Hillary by as much as 100 percent."

Related Weblinks

18 U.S. Code § 1030 -- Fraud and Related Activity in Connection With Computers

2021 Resolution on Restoring Public Trust in the Electoral Process

24 More Charged in Voter-Fraud Probe, Prosecutors say, Zachary Stieber, March 20, 2021

5.7 Million Illegal Immigrants Might Have Voted in Election
"The Democrat, now the American Communist Party, has made a science out of VOTER FRAUD and has done more to suppress and rig elections than anyone can imagine. They have passed laws and spent hundreds of millions to cover their fraudulent endeavors. Their chief tactic is to belittle anyone who even suggests voter fraud could ever happen. Along came Trump. A new study reveals that as many as 5.7 million illegal immigrants might have voted in the 2008 election."

Bannon's war Room
"Episode 1,099 -- Election Fraud Blown Wide Open -- Other States to Follow."

Blockchain Analysis

Blockchain Voting: An Imminent Threat to Democracy

Blockchain for Voting: A Warning From MIT, November 17, 2020
"Researchers say Blockchain Introduces More Problems Than it Solves"
"While current election systems are far from perfect, blockchain would greatly increase the risk of undetectable, nation-scale election failures," Rivest says in a statement. 'Any turnout increase would come at the cost of losing meaningful assurance that votes have been counted as they were cast'."

A Conversation on the Progressive Media and Corporativist Elite -- Are the American Elections Rigged?
"Media bias has been recorded by political science professors as far back as the 1970s, but it has gone on for much longer than that. It is indeed a select club. To be in the media and corporativist club, one might have to be a progressive CFR member or Trilateralist, and that requires prostituting your beliefs, your integrity, participating in incestuous relationships (as your data demonstrate) and money!" --- Dr. Miguel A. Faria

Cyber Symposium on Election Fraud Will Change History

Democrat Operative Admits: We've Been Rigging Elections 'for 50 Years'
"Butterfly ballots, balky machines, absentee ballot scandals, felons voting, Supreme Court intervention -- all these made headlines during the infamous 2000 Florida recount. Could it happen again in this year's presidential election? The answer is yes, because not much has changed to improve our election systems, while both major parties are poised on a hair trigger to file lawsuits and challenge any close statewide vote. The issues may boil down to whether the margin of victory in any state exceeds the ''margin of litigation. John Fund offers a guided tour of our error-prone election systems, which nearly half of Americans say they don't trust. When some states have systems so flawed that you can't tell where incompetence ends and possible fraud begins, it isn't surprising that scandals have ranged from rural Texas to big cities such as Milwaukee and St. Louis. Fund dissects some anomalies of Florida 2000 and analyzes the bitterly protracted election for governor of Washington State in 2004. He spotlights the perils of ''provisional ballots, the flaws of the ''Motor Voter law that has allowed people to get absentee ballots for phantom voters, and the shady registration drives of the radical group ACORN. Meanwhile, the simple safeguard of a photo ID requirement is fiercely resisted on specious claims that it would disenfranchise poor and minority voters. Stealing Elections presents a chilling portrait of electoral vulnerability, as a combination of bureaucratic bungling and ballot rigging put our democracy at risk."

Dominion and 2020 Arizona Election Fraud

FGA -- Election Integrity
Contains listing of links to election integrity resources.

For more information on election fraud search worldcat.org:
kw:computer crime ti:election
kw:election reform
su:Elections United States
su:Election law United States
su:Elections -- Corrupt practices -- United States
su:Political corruption -- United States
su:Elections -- Corrupt practices
su:Voter registration -- Corrupt practices -- United States -- States
su:Voting -- Corrupt practices -- United States
su:Computer Crimes
su:Dominion Voting Systems Corporation -- Trials, litigation, etc
su:Voting-machines -- United States
su:Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 2020

Here's how you Know Democrats Rigged and Stole the 2020 Election, Wayne Allyn Root, May 09, 2021
"The fix is in. It's crystal clear to me now that not only was the election rigged, but so is everything post-election. It's simple psychology. Just look at the absurd reaction, or overreaction, by Democrats."

HUGE: Foreign Interference! IT Expert From Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Court, Admits to Switching Votes in US Presidential Election, January 7, 2021

Lt. General Tom McInerney: "We have a corrupt Supreme Court" so it's up to us to act, February 24, 2021
" 'All they had to do on the Pennsylvania case was hear the case. That's all they had to do,' he said. 'And then it would be quite obvious. If our position is wrong and they put out the logic, then we're willing to accept that. But they know that this election is fraudulent. They have to in the Supreme Court.' "The Pennsylvania case is the latest that the Supreme Court punted on. The four leftist Justices were joined by Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh in ruling against the opportunity for the American people to finally hear the truth about the rampant 2020 election fraud that installed Joe Biden into the White House. As a result, our options as Americans are being limited."

New Report Exposes Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2016 Election, July 28, 2017
"The Heritage Foundation has a database that is being constantly updated. It documents nearly 1,100 proven instances of voter fraud, including cases where elections were overturned because of proven fraud.
"This kind of work, which the Government Accountability Institute has done, will be invaluable to the Election Integrity Commission as it researches the registration and voting process and looks for ways to fix its vulnerabilites and security problems, enhance our democratic process, and make sure every eligible American votes and is not disenfranchised by illegal votes."

Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Believe Cheating Affected Outcome of the 2020 Election, Ashley Mu�oz, July 10, 2021
"When asked if cheating had an impact on the results of the 2020 presidential election, 51 percent of respondents said it was 'very or somewhat likely.' When divided by political affiliation, only 30 percent of Democrats agreed that cheating had an impact, while 74 percent of Republicans believed that it was likely that cheating helped Biden get to the White House."

Study Raises New Questions About 2020 Election Results in 6 States,
Fred Lucas, March 28, 2022 "At least 255,000 excess votes were cast in the 2020 presidential election across six battleground states, according to a new study that examined individual voting precincts. "Economist John Lott, president of the Crime Research Prevention Center, is the author of the peer-reviewed study, which looked at precincts in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. https://www.dailysignal.com/2022/03/28/study-raises-new-questions-about-2020-election-results-in-6-states

Techno-authoritarianism, Totalitarian Paranoia

Trump Praises "Election-changing" Report Finding 8.1 Million Excess Votes Cast in 2020 Election, Ashley Muoz, August 3, 2021

Trump Vindicated? Study Shows Up To 5.7 Million Illegals Voted In Presidential Election, Joseph Curl, June 21, 2017
"Thus, if that many illegals voted in 2008 -- up to 5.7 million -- then it's perfectly reasonable to think that as many -- or more -- voted in the 2016 election. Just Facts said that in 2012, 3.2 million to 5.6 million noncitizens were registered to vote -- and 1.2 million to 3.6 million of them cast ballots. Remember, Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8 million."

Voter identification Laws by State

Why the Current Administration is Illegitimate and The United States Supreme Court Violated Their Oaths

WikiLeaks Bombshell: 'There is no US Election,' October 21, 2016
"WikiLeaks emails from Barack Obama's personal email account reveal that the Bush administration contacted the future president multiple times before the election, secretly organizing the transition of power."

Yes, President Trump Won -- Navarro Report -- Volume III

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