A Resolution to Combat Mind Control With Truth

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A Resolution to Combat Mind Control With Truth

Cut off have been My people for lack of knowledge,
Because thou knowledge hast rejected,
I reject thee from being priest to Me,
And thou forgettest the law of thy God,
I forget thy sons, I also!
According to their abundance so they sinned against Me,
Their honour into shame I change."
(Hosea 4:6,7, YLTHB)
Whereas, in regard to the Enemy's subtle warfare, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge." (1)

Whereas, The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever. (Psalm 111:10)

Whereas, knowledge of the truth is interconnected with absolute truth, sovereign authority, life (both temporal and eternal), loving obedience, sanctification, moral behavior, justice, freedom (political, economic, and individual), social stability, and real progress,

Whereas, the main strategy of the Enemy, The Father of Lies, is to deceive, rob, and destroy,

Whereas, in order to deceive, the Enemy must suppress and repress knowledge of the truth,

Whereas, the discourses and sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ are repressed and suppressed,

Whereas, knowledge of the Covenanted Reformation, the highest attainment of Christianity in history to date, is repressed and suppressed,

Whereas, the Westminster Standards and other great creeds and catechisms are repressed and suppressed,

Whereas, the Christian classics are repressed and suppressed,

Whereas, we have been duped into giving the schooling of our children over to the secular state,

Whereas, "Not since the Middle Ages has there been such a spiritual famine in the West." (2)

Whereas, lack of knowledge of truth makes individuals, no matter how powerful, wealthy, strong, intelligent, and well-educated, and no matter what their social standing, vulnerable to deception, mind control, manipulation, bondage, and exploitation (3)

Whereas, whatever we hear or read exclusively we begin to believe is true, and mind control takes over,

Whereas, we receive a secular message that denies God from radio, television, advertising, newspapers, magazines, popular music, Hollywood, the theater, from the book trade, corporate America, the World Wide Web, cyberspace, often times the church, the state, and so forth,

Whereas, because we all live in a society that is saturated with the relative values of secular humanism, values that denies God and Absolute Truth, therefore we are all victims of mind control,

Whereas, our nation is in bondage to the deceit of The Father of Lies,

Whereas, after compiling Great Books of Western Civilization, Mortimer Adler concluded that more problems are caused by the denial of God than by anything else -- it changes the whole tenure of life,

Whereas, one of the attributes of God is absolute truth,

Whereas, central to the secular humanistic world view is the denial of God and, consequently, denial of absolute truth and moral absolutes, for relativistic values, situation ethics, values clarification, and so forth,

Whereas, the secular humanistic world view, therefore, suppresses and represses the absolute truth of the Bible which are associated with the Triune God and eternal life,

Whereas, one definition of faith is "that which we give our attention to,"

Whereas, if our minds are saturated with the relative values of secular humanism, then logically there can be no faith in the absolute truths of the Bible,

Whereas, the natural end of lack of faith is apathy of individuals,

Whereas, apathy leads of fatalism,

Whereas, regarding the consequences of mind control, bondage, exploitation, lack of faith, apathy, and fatalism, in American today there is a lack of knowledge of Biblical truth, a lack of faith, and an indifference toward the Biblical principles that can restore love of truth, life, lawfulness, freedom, and social stability,

Whereas, consequently, America has been experiencing an occult revival since the early 1960s, and the associated neo-pagan confusion and social decline has penetrated all levels of society, (4)

Whereas, the occult is associated with drug use and sexual immorality, and lawlessness, and

Whereas, these behaviors contribute to the break down of the family, the basic unit of society, and to violent crime,

Whereas, violent adult crime and violent juvenile crime in America is rapidly escalating out of control,

Whereas, since 1963 [writing in 1994]: violent crime has increased 500%, illegitimate births have increased 400%, divorces have increased 400%, children living in single parent homes are up by 300%, child abuse has increased 340% (since 1976), teenage suicide has increased 200%, and S.A.T. scores have dropped almost 80 points. (5)

Whereas, law enforcement has broken down in America and only 2% of violent crimes result in convictions, and there is an 80% recidivism rate among those convicted ("U.S. News and World Report," January 17, 1994 issue),

Whereas, the social indicators show that American society is now in a state of crisis, (6)

Whereas, the Bible regards the sole function of government to be the punishment of wrongdoers, (7)

Whereas, Christianity is the highest ethical standard known to mankind,

Whereas, when God is denied, then there is no "source or correction or ultimate justice,"

Whereas, because the truth is suppressed, repressed, and regulated many of the best books in Christian literature, even the Christian classics, go out of print and are lost in the dusty archives and classification systems of big libraries, (8)

Whereas, consequently, the general public lacks Biblical knowledge of how to solve problems, and knowledge of the sources of true freedom in Christ which alone is the foundation of self-government,

Whereas, the roots of freedom and limited government are to be found in the Covenanting struggle in Scotland,

Whereas, knowledge of the roots of freedom and limited government have been suppressed and repressed,

Whereas, the liberty of the America nation is being sold out through manifold ungodly alliances,

Whereas, the decline of American society is in a rapid downward spiral,

Whereas, denial of the Sanctity of Life, the foundation of Western Civilization, is not the least evidence of our decline,

Whereas, therefore, our nation is being "destroyed for a lack of knowledge,"

Whereas, regarding a solution to the dilemma of the repression, suppression, and regulation of the absolute truth of the Bible and the denial of God, deception, mind control, lack of knowledge, lack of faith, apathy, fatalism, and the manipulation and destruction of our nation, the encouraging facts are that the absolute truths we need to reclaim our society have already been published, and some individuals respond to the truth,

Whereas, all the knowledge of the truth needed by Christians, politicians, and lawmakers to solve our social, economic, and spiritual problems has already been articulated and published by Christian scholars, but is not generally known because it has been repressed, suppressed, and regulated,

Whereas, Christianity is diminished when it is viewed in part, instead of being viewed as a whole and interconnected with all spheres of life,

Whereas, if God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Triune God of the Bible, the God of historic, orthodox Christianity) is in fact absolute truth, and truth is one of his attributes, then political polytheism, pluralism, and political correctness are a myth,

Whereas, historic, orthodox Christianity reveals the interconnectedness of absolute truth, sovereign authority, life (both temporal and eternal), loving obedience, sanctification, moral behavior, justice, freedom (political, economic, and individual), social stability, and real progress,

Whereas, the denial of God by secular humanism inevitable produces deceit, decline, and death, typified by man becoming the measure of all things, vain, finite human knowledge, relative values, confusion over the balance between "the one and the many," deterioration of education, moral decline, pagan confusion, loss of the sanctity of life, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, genocide, and suicide, law based on relative values and nonduality relativisitc law, permissiveness, egalitarianism, lawlessness, lack of justice, violent crime, suffering of the innocent, loss of freedoms, growing tyranny, governmental oppression, the betrayal of national independence and sovereignty, economic decline, serfdom, slavery, a society becoming subject to the will of its enemies, and finally the dissolution of society,

Whereas, we have no choice but to stand for the truth, because to do otherwise is to forfeit the battle and to loose our society,

Whereas, truth is more valuable than all the riches of the world, because it leads to life eternal, (9)

Therefore, It Is Resolved that readers educate themselves about the attainments of the Covenanted Reformation, and then educate this generation about the attainments of the Covenanted Reformation, that readers build libraries of Christian classics, teach their children, catechize their children with the Westminster Standards, conduct family worship, work to select covenant heads for postions of authority throught society, and so forth.


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